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The first season of HBO’s drama “Euphoria” inspired the latest fashions using its over-the-top styles, nostalgic items, and statement-making bright colors, making it one of the few TV shows that is famous as much because of its fashion trends than it is because of its plot.

The second season of “Euphoria,” which stars Zendaya, Hunter, and Alexa Demie, and others, as senior high school teenagers juggling love, friendship, drugs, and their identities, premiered earlier this month after a two-year break due to the pandemic.

The second season of the program is keeping faithful towards the show’s chic fashion moments whilst taking up a notch and leaning even more into fantasy by including high-fashion labels that the typical youth wouldn’t necessarily have access to.

As opposed to the first season, which was still establishing the characters, the 2nd season is nearly having fun with it, not overthinking it, and a free period of expression. Let’s take a look at some of the most inspirational looks inspired by “Euphoria”‘s second season.

Eye stones and shining decorations were the important focus in makeup trends last season. Bold and graphic eyeliner is going to be this season’s highlight. Davy’s dramatic eyeliner art, inspired through the mod duration of the 1960s, will certainly make a statement.

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