Did you know that 19% of individuals have nose piercings including septum piercings? Actually, it is one of the most popular places to get a piercing apart from the navel and the ears. One of the things that makes a septum piercing so great is it could be a great accessory both women and men.

However, if you've never gotten a septum piercing done before, you may be wondering how it is like and just what you should expect. Fortunately, you've clicked on the best article to have all your septum nose piercing questions answered.

By the end of this article, you'll not be asking yourself, “How expensive is a septum piercing? How long does it take to heal?” Once you're done reading, you'll be able to decide if a septum piercing fits your needs. To begin our discussion, let's see exactly what a septum piercing is exactly.

What Is a Septum Piercing

A septum piercing, as the name suggests, pierces the septum which is a thin barrier of cartilage that separates your two nostrils. Almost any type of jewelry can be used for this piercing location from barbells to hoops. It is also a really prominent location evidently, enabling you to express yourself with whichever kind of jewelry you choose for your septum piercing.

When choosing jewelry for your septum piercing, you will want to go for 14k gold or more. You can also try titanium jewelry. The reason why you will want jewelry of these metals is the fact that other metals can cause skin irritation.

Even gold of lower quality can cause skin irritation. This is because lower quality gold for example 10k gold contains a large amount of nickel that isn't great for your skin. Gold at 14k or over, however, is hypoallergenic.

Anyone can get a septum piercing and most people will not have any complications caused by the piercing. However, not all septums are identical. Most people have septums that have an additional, thinner flap of skin known as the columella.

This columella is what most piercers would rather pierce since it is thinner and does not cause you as much pain. However, many people are born without columella meaning the cartilage from the septum itself will require piercing. This is often more painful than piercing the columella, but it will otherwise make the same results, aside from the truth that it will require a longer period of time to heal.

So, now you understand what a septum piercing is, what else could you expect in the piercing procedure?

Understanding the Septum Piercing Process

The septum piercing process all begins with deciding on the best piercer. You, obviously, will preferably not want to choose a shady piercer inside a decrepit septum piercing jewelry shop. Instead, try doing a search online for piercers which have lots of good reviews.

You may also try asking around for references from people you're friends with. This should help you make the best decision when choosing a piercer for you personally. By choosing a good piercer, you can be sure that your piercer will treat you well and that your piercing will go because it should and then any risks such as infection will be low.

Once you've found your piercer and you're prepared to get your septum pierced, you'll have to show your ID and many likely file some paperwork. This, however, should not take long. Once you're finished, you can start the process of getting your septum piercing.

Your piercer will probably have you lie down in a reclining chair or on a table so that they have better access to onto your nose. Your piercer will then disinfect the area of your nose that will be pierced. This step is essential since your nose is filled with bacteria.

If this bacteria isn't disinfected because it should be, it might improve your chance of infection. Once this task is finished, it's time to pierce your septum. This could take place in various ways.

The Information on Getting a Septum Piercing

Some piercers may would rather make use of the freehand technique that just involves a needle to pierce your septum. Other piercers may prefer to use forceps to carry open your nostrils and provide better access to your septum. Other piercers may prefer to make use of a small, hollow tube known as a receiving tube.

This tube presses against one for reds of the septum as the needle pierces sleep issues then enters the tube as it pierces with the septum. This will make it easier to pierce the best part of the septum. Throughout the piercing process, it is crucial that certain sanitary procedures be followed.

For example, your piercer ought to be wearing disposable gloves and also the needle used to pierce your septum should be clean. Once a hole pierces the septum, the jewelry you chose will enter into the hole. Luckily, this whole procedure should only last a few minutes.

Because it is so quick, any pain you feel may also be extremely swift. Some people who get septum piercings even state that the pain sensation is really mild that it may be referred to as much more of a discomfort than pain. To reduce the pain whenever possible, it is best to stay relaxed rather than tense up as you anticipate the needle piercing your septum.

How much you have to pay will depend on where you get your piercing and what kind of jewelry you select. The cost might also rely on the experience of your piercer. A piercer that has been working for decades will definitely cost several that has been piercing for some months.

You will usually not pay any more than $100. After you get your septum pierced, the next step is looking after the piercing therefore it heals well.

How to look after Your Septum Piercing

Before you leave the piercing shop, your piercer will most likely give you some instructions on how to care for your new piercing as well as your septum jewelry. Keeping the opening in your septum clean is equally as essential as keeping the jewelry clean. If your jewelry becomes dirty for whatever reason and you restore it in your nose while your piercing is still healing, this could result in contamination.

While you're recovering, you need to clean your septum piercing several times per day having a saline solution. You can buy this solution at stores but you may also make your own with some salt and water. Make sure you boil your water and give a little bit of salt, allow the water cool, after which soak your jewelry in the solution.

This will assure that any harmful bacteria on the jewelry will die off and will not be introduced to your piercing. Then, be sure to clean onto your nose with similar solution. Some people may spray it to their nose while others may decide to soak their nose inside a bowl from the saline solution.

You should do this at least twice each day, even though some people recommend 3 to 6 times a day, especially while your piercing is brand new. However, be careful not to clean your nose all too often. This may lead to within your nose blow drying and crusty.

Your piercing can take as much as 8 weeks to heal, so it's important to keep cleaning your piercing regularly during this period. Even when your piercing is healed, it is still important to fix it, though you can fix it less often and employ water without salt.

What when you get an Infection

If you ignore the aftercare steps explained above, you're upping your chance of infection which can become a significant problem. Normally, while you heal, the pain of your piercing should lessen. If it gets worse with time, this might be one of the first indications of contamination.

Other signs include discharge from the piercing, an abscess, or a bad smell from the piercing. In more severe cases, you may even develop a fever. If you experience any of these signs, it is important to call your physician at once and have the infection treated before it gets any worse.

Even if you don't have contamination, you might experience pain if your body rejects the jewellery you're considering. This often happens with jewelry that contains metal that may irritate your skin for example nickel. Should this happen, opt for a more hypoallergenic piece of jewelry.

Your Septum Piercing Guide

By no more this article, you should know all you need to learn about how it is prefer to obtain a septum piercing. With this particular information, you can better decide if getting a septum piercing sounds right for you.

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