Leisure is an important part of health – it’s adaptable to you, your needs, your dreams, your desires. Research continually shows that people who feel fulfilled are not only happier, but they also live longer! Here are the top tips from Health Fitness Revolution and author of the book ReSYNC Your Life Samir Becic:

Statistics on Travel:

  • Students who have travelled abroad are nearly twice as likely as their home-bound peers to complete a college degree and report earning higher incomes, out-earning their peers by more than 40%.
  • Workers who take time off are more productive, have higher morale and are less likely to mentally “zone out” on the job. They also report less stress and burnout.
  • One-third of all leisure travelers say they have more sex while on vacation. Sex is a part of a healthy body too!
  • Each US household would pay $1,000 more in taxes without the revenue generated by travel and tourism.
  • Travel is an economic powerhouse, supporting more than 14.4 million jobs in the US and contributing more than $124 billion in domestic tax revenues.

Intangible Benefits of Travel:

  • Expand Your Mind: Traveling allows the mind to expand and literally see the world in new and different ways. When we become accustomed to a certain way of living, our minds tend become closed to many of life’s possibilities.
  • Become More Flexible: No matter how rigid the travel plans may be, traveling always has an edge of unpredictability. For most travelers, it means that they need to allow time for spontaneity in their schedules. Traveling will force you to be more flexible, a great quality that will make life easier in the long run.
  • Put Things In Perspective: When we live in one place for years on end, seeing the same sights every day can impact the way we imagine the rest of the world. That is, until we see other cities or countries first hand. As humans, we naturally compare ourselves to others, but when we discover cultures and lifestyles that aren’t our own, we get a chance to break free of that habit and appreciate how other’s lives are different than our own. Putting things in perspective greatly helps in reducing any stress or depression that may be lingering in the body.
  • Try New Healthy Foods: Traveling offers us the opportunity to leave our comfort zones and try local foods. This means that our body might be getting different nutrients that we are used to – adding an aspect of health to our travels!
  • Be More Active: Most traveling either has an element of sightseeing, walking, hiking, or water sports. This means that you can be active while still immersing yourself in a new place. Read our article about bike tours instead of bus tours here.
  • Build Team Synergy: Traveling with another person, or even a group, brings everyone closer together by sharing new experiences simultaneously.
  • Learn Patience: There are often language barriers and culture shocks when traveling. We can all learn a lesson in taking a deep breath, and not sweating the small stuff.

Have safe and fun travels!  It’s a vital part of staying healthy!

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