Want to learn why shower comb will change your hair, read this article. Also learn if your wide toothed comb is good for your straight or curly hair. Or perhaps is it harmful to your hair to comb it wet?

Before I unravel the advantages of shower comb, if you're still considering whether adding a little thing as a comb can alter hair for real good?

Well, yes, it does work a great deal in altering your hair, which too permanently. 

So if till you now were skipping shower combs from your regular hair wash care routine, remodel which will it's a shot for you to hit your nearest store that has one of these wide tooth combs.

So, at the bottom, whatever you require to do is get a comb and, obviously, a baby shower. 

Once you begin employing it, you will note the way your hair will require less prep some time and how glossier it gets. 

Adding further, if you wish to be aware of additional benefits that the hair is getting from using the hair tooth combs, you are at the right place, and this piece will help to you unravel all of it. 

Why Shower Comb Will Change Your Hair

It Works well for Keeping the Hair Detangled

It might seem to you that many brushes do this, but the thing is, if you're doing the work in your dry hair, it truly seems like you are in a battle which has countless knots to eliminate.

But using a wide-tooth comb while in the shower as well as your locks are wet can help a good deal making a big difference. 

Adding to that, if you work with the comb while your hair has conditioner on, the work will probably be easier still. 

All you must do is comb or brush your hair gently, and you'll observe that your tangles detangler easily without ripping off your hair.

Also, if you add this to your daily routine, you will see that you would not require to operate in your tangles as frequently as you used to. 

But in case your tangles are more persistent and therefore are disappearing, then you might need to try your hands on detangling creams or gels. Otherwise, adding a wide-tooth comb for your daily proper hair care wash routine is going to solve all of your tangling issues. 

Just make sure to go gentle in your hair, and before using it, apply conditioner on your strands. 

It Works well for Controlling that Annoying and also at Times Untamable Frizz

Frizz is a very common issue that many of us have undergone, and it is brought on by dehydration, and a lot of additional factors can bring about that.

Even exposure to chemicals, like dying or bleaching hair, adds to the issue too. 

Adding to that, if you do not provide enough moisture for your hair, it will go frizzy and dry. Also, let's just not forget there are people out there with naturally dry hair which are prone to frizzes. 

So, when you can opt for a good hair treatment which will solve the issue of the frizz, taking necessary measures starts way before that. 

So, if you use a baby shower comb in your wet hair, it will help you a good deal in taming that annoying frizz. So, brush hair gently while still within the shower having a wide-tooth comb and tame your frizz. 

How You need to use Shower Combs and When?

Now talking of methods you should use these shoer combs, I recommend you to wet hair having a generous quantity of water and then apply shampoo to it, and clean your scalp thoroughly and then rinse it off.

Following that, you should give a great deal of conditioner to your hair and leave that in for around three to 5 minutes. 

After those 3 to 5 minutes, grab a shower comb that's great and brush it through your hair in a slow pace.

Also, remember to not go tough, and always start with the ends and then move to the roots. Combing directly from the roots is going to result in massive breakage. 

Comb the section in your hand after which slowly brush through. When you are done, you'll be adept at gliding via your hair evenly. After that, rinse the conditioner off with an ample amount of water. 

The key thing with the shower comb would be to comb using your hair when you are in the shower and have conditioner put on, as well as go slow and delicate.

This can help you save time while drying out hair. All you would need to do is towel dry it and squeeze the excess water from it. 

It helps you to save time from further combing and hence, also prevent possible frizz and tangles.

How Are you able to Detangle Hair While in Shower? 

Suppose you prefer detangling your hair even though it is wet, which turns out to be super beneficial for individuals with curls.

Use a Wide-Toothed Comb or Brush or Make use of your Fingers 

I always state that your fingers are the gentlest tool for detangling your wet hair.

But if you do not prefer using just your fingers, then I indicate you go for a wide-tooth shower comb or brush; I think they are the next best available option after fingers. 

Wide-toothed combs assist you to detangle your hair while they're wet while resulting in the least breakage. 

Apply Conditioner First 

Applying an ample quantity of conditioners is going to help your shower comb or perhaps your fingers to glide smoothly through your strands without causing many issues. So, it will help with minimum breakage and hence hair loss while they're wet. 

Do Not Use Shower Combs Under Running Water

While using shower combs, something you need to be sure of is to not ever use them under flowing water; if you use the combs while under flowing water, it will add to your tangles and cause massive damage. 

So, avoid doing this and switch from the faucet or shower. 

How to Prevent Breakage While Hair is Wet?

Do you know whenever your hair is the weakest and prone to damage? If not, then without a doubt, hair is the weakest and most vulnerable to breakage when it's thoroughly wet.

Yes, you heard that right. Clean and wet hair is the easiest to get damaged. It's zero protection against anything that you need to do to it. 

The thing is, as compared to dry hair, wet hair cannot protect itself using the natural oil that each dry strand is covered with.

Basically, if you're combing hair immediately after appearing out of the shower or while it is still wet, you are causing much harm to it. 

So, what usually happens is the majority of us, whenever we emerge from the shower, tend to take a towel and tie them in that.

But are you aware it actually causes more breakage than imaginable and especially for your hair in the front area? 

Well, I would suggest as soon as you come out of the shower, and as tempting as tying a towel around hair seems, don't do that, ever.

Once dried fully, use a good leave-in conditioner and apply or spray it thoroughly in your hair. After that, you are able to comb it with your fingers first and remember to always begin with the bottom. 

Once done with that, leave hair to dry at its very own pace or so long as it's probable for you personally before you can actually use any kind of brush or comb on it. 

Then whenever your locks are fully dried, take small or average-sized sections and use a large toothed comb first and again brush it in the bottoms and smooth everything out. Doing so will help you a great deal in preventing breakage.  

The Final Word On Using Wide Toothed Combs In The Shower

Wrapping on how shower combs will help you a good deal in controlling your tangles, together with breakage and frizz; all I'd say is things will work out if you know the correct way to do this. 

Here using shower combs while your hair's still wet can help you a great deal, however, you need to stay conscious of a few things. For instance, you need to always keep a strong observe that going slow and delicate is always the important thing. 

Also, I have also mentioned when you can use the shower comb and how so that you are not damaging your hair instead of taking care of them for good.

Following that, if you can use just a little, you will also be able to save them from further breakage after coming out of the shower. 

So, proceed, choose a good shower comb and save your hair from tangles, frizz, as well as breakage. 

Change your hair for good, using shower combs the proper way!

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