Throughout the final decades, makeup in Korea has turned into a daily a part of each Korean’s life. It is because they care about their appearance much and employ every way to look better: plastic surgeries, makeup, skincare, sport, etc. Korean cosmetic makeup products even crossed their country’s borders and gained many followings in other countries.

What’s the explanation for it? What is stand out about Korean cosmetic makeup products? 

This blog reveals some of the possible reasons why Korean makeup products have gained a lot popularity and just what means they are special.

The Utilization of Natural Ingredients

From the dawn of history, Korean people had traditions to use natural, chemical-free ingredients for their products. This is because they value their skincare a great deal and comprehend the harsh effects of those toxic ingredients. Some of the ingredients generally used by them are the next: green tea extract, turmeric, rice, ginseng, and many more, the healthy effects of that are known worldwide.

For example, green tea extract calms and smooths the skin, rice helps your skin with toning, and turmeric and ginseng are anti-aging ingredients. Each one of these ingredients eventually lead to a clearer, smoother, fresher, and glowy makeup look. 


While some time ago, many people thought that “healthy” makeup was not affordable for everybody and they must have 100's of dollars to get beautiful makeup on their own, Korean cosmetic makeup products do prove the alternative. The manufacturers try everything so that the products can be available for all-class customers. For example, you'll find great mascara for $5 and $11, meaning they create opportunities for every person.

In fact, because many teenagers and students have started using makeup products, creating this wide range of price choices will eventually help the Korean makeup company owners convey more profit in order that it will be a win-win situation.

Extensive Variety 

Talking about the number of products, Korean cosmetic makeup products are consumer-friendly in relation to price as well as their types. Korean manufacturers realize that every person is exclusive with their skin type and tone, so they produce a number of choices. For instance, when the person is allergic to water-based foundations, she/he might also are able to choose a foundation based on oil. This applies to the skin colors (from the darkest brown to the lightest) and its types (sensitive, normal, dry, sensitive, oily).  

Convenient Use

Who would choose an eyeliner that will take 30 minutes to apply because of its awkward brush? None of us, right? Fortunately, another remarkable aspect of Korean makeup products is that Korean manufacturers care about the products’ convenience, so that they make them extremely simple to use and don't spend much time.


Obviously, design and color are the first things we notice within the product, because they may evoke certain emotions, causing us to be understand whether we want to learn more about the product or not. Korean goods are extremely eye-catchy. They will use a wide variety of motivating and funny quotes on the products and can even give animal forms for them, because of which, people cannot stay indifferent. For instance, among the firm’s lip balms was in the form of a beehive, which was, indeed, creative. 

Summing up, even if you're not residing in Korea or near it, you've undoubtedly heard about Korean makeup products and most possibly used some. This short article revealed the key behind exactly why these items are extremely popular and just what makes them unique. As you could understand, the use of 100 % natural ingredients, low to high price range, the range of products, convenient use, and cute design were the primary causes of it.

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