What Happens if you do not Reduce your Split Ends Regularly? Is it bad to chop split ends individually? And just what causes split ends in the first place? Learn it all, here!

There are many debates around how often you ought to cut their hair or at best trim the ends. Many people think that you need to trim your ends often to possess healthy hair growth. 

A regular trim can obviously make your ends healthier however it does not have any direct relation to healthy hair growth. Dry and brittle ends can be very stressful because it makes your hair look unhealthy. 

It can all accelerate hair damage brought on by factors such as heat styling and chemical treatments. If you have split ends already, I would suggest you get it trimmed asap to avoid further aggravation. 

If you are wondering how often you should be trimming hair without losing an excessive amount of it, you have arrived at the best place. We take an in-depth look into how and when you ought to be trimming your ends without compromising on your hair length. 

What is a split end?

Most of those have split ends at one point or the other.  When a single strand of your hair gets divided into two, it's called split ends. The root cause for the formation of split ends is hair damage. 

Hair damage might be brought on by various factors such as environmental damages, heat damage, chemical treatments and coloring on the hair, improper hair maintenance, etc. 

If you're wondering for those who have split ends or otherwise, take a closer look in the ends of your hair. If you can see a single strand split into two thinner strands after your hair, you most likely have some split ends to deal with. 

Split ends really are a relatively common issue and there's no have to freak out if you have any. You will find different ways in which you can tackle these annoying issues. 

But first, let us take a look at a few of the main causes of split ends. 

What Happens if You Don't Cut Your Split Ends Regularly

It is very important to trim your split ends if you want healthy hair. Although the split ends are just at the ends, they'll eventually damage the rest of your hair. 

Split hair is less strong as the regular hair also it might be vulnerable to breakage. If you don’t trim your split ends, the split hair will ultimately start splitting all the way up and can reach your scalp. 

With an increase in frizz, you will also have a lot of tangled hair. Dryness and thinning could make your hair look really unhealthy. 

How to remove your split ends?

You don’t really have to schedule a salon visit when it's time for you to trim your split ends. 

You can do it yourself for those who have shoulder-length hair. In case your locks are shorter, it is advisable to get help from another person. Some of the most common methods for getting rid of split ends are:


This is among the most common way to get rid of your split ends. Start trimming about 1 inch of your hair in the ends. 

You need to make sure that hair is totally dry when you are cutting them. These grow to be much more accurate than cutting wet hair, especially when you are doing it yourself. 

I suggest sectioning your hair with clips to learn effectively. Ensure your scissors are sharp enough to ensure that there is no room for errors. 


Dusting is the perfect way to get rid of split ends without cutting off hair. This method does not completely trim your length, but rather, it cuts into your hair to remove those pesky ends. 

You need to twist the ends of the hair to check on for any protruding strands after which cut them off. 

Blow-dry your hair

Another method of finding split ends is as simple as blow-drying freshly washed hair. This can enable the split ends to stick out. 

Make sure you section hair first and brush with the ends to identify the split ends. 

How often must i trim my split ends?

There isn't any fixed duration for trimming your split ends since everyone’s hair has different needs. 

So it is important to understand the needs of the hair before choosing obtaining a trim. The duration for trimming can differ based on the extent of damage on your hair:

If you have bleached hair or use heat tools regularly- Hair will be dehydrated to an extent if you are using heat tools. 

It can even have dry and brittle split ends. If you have done bleaching on your hair, this can definitely damage hair quickly. 

It is recommended to trim your ends every two months to make certain that you do not have split ends. 

If you've dyed hair- Hair dye isn't as harsh as bleaching so the damage is milder. 

The ammonia in the hair dye can dry up the ends of your hair. In this situation, you are able to wait for a nothing more than 3 months before trimming your ends. 

If you've virgin hair – In case your hair is completely natural without any chemical treatments done on it, your ends aren't very likely to look dry and brittle. But if you've dry hair, you might get split ends. 

In this example, you can wait every 3 months before trimming your ends or even more. 

What causes split ends?

Split ends can be easily avoided if you know what can cause them. Some of your everyday hair habits may even result in split ends. The most common causes for the development of split ends are:

Excessive Use Of Heat Styling Tools

It is difficult to imagine our life without blow dryers and flat irons but heat styling is probably the most typical reason for hair damage in a majority of the population. 

This damage is also reflected by means of dry and brittle ends that start splitting. But this doesn’t mean that you should completely avoid these power tools. 

You have to take the proper safety precautions to reduce the extent of warmth damage. 

One major step is to incorporate a heat protectant spray inside your hair care routine. 

Before extreme heat hair, make sure to generously apply them all over. You should also be mindful while heat styling hair. 

Make sure to not run your hair too much in the flatiron or even the dryer. Try to keep the temperature at 200° c while styling with one of these tools.  

Too Many Chemical Treatments On Hair 

It is no secret that chemical treatments can be damaging to your hair. Chemical treatments like hair coloring, rebonding, etc involve lots of harsh chemicals that will dehydrate hair cuticles. 

This results in the development of split ends. If you're somebody who has done a chemical treatment or hair coloring, it is important to take proper care of your hair. 

Overwashing Hair With Harsh Shampoos

Our hair contains skin oils which are necessary for your hair and scalp. When you wash hair too much, it might remove these natural oils out of your scalp and disturb the ph. 

It can also make your hair dry and brittle. So it is important to look after this while washing hair. You should also select hair items that don't contain harsh ingredients like sulfates and parabens that have a tendency to dry out hair and scalp. 

Vigorously Towel Drying Wet Hair

Towel drying isn't problematic but it's important to make use of the right fabric to towel work. 

Instead of the regular bath towel, you should change to fabrics like microfibre towels or a cotton t-shirt to towel dry your hair. These do not cause friction with your hair and help in effectively drying them. 

Your regular soft towel, however, could be rough on your hair and lead to split ends. 

The Final Takeaway

Split ends may appear harmless at first but they could cause chaos if you don’t get it in check. 

The best thing is to behave as soon while you notice it so there isn't any here we are at them to grow into your hair. 

If you need to avoid split ends, the most important thing is to keep the hair hydrated. 

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