A conventional French manicure, marked through the white lacquer over the tip of the nail, gives a timeless and sophisticated appearance. But in the past few years, in france they manicure has grown and evolved into an infinitely more artistic endeavor. Now, there are numerous kinds of French manicures just waiting to be tried.

Pastel colors are always popular; paint each nail with a unique, beautiful varnish and complete with red ends for a bold effect. Another simple yet enjoyable possibility would be to have cobalt blue tips, that are associated with tranquillity and harmony. The possibilities in color really are endless.

And recently, getting a French manicure done on your short nails has been a huge trend. Who says French manicures should be utilized on only long nails? Here we have collected some of our favorite french manicure ideas for short nails. Let’s have a look at them.

This looks so cute (tears in the eyes). This french manicure is perfect for short nails. First, it is very easy. Second, you can put on it in most colors (not particularly pink). Use a lighter shade of the desired color, and then color the perimeters using the darker shade of the same color.

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