Today you want to share some helpful tips on transforming your wardrobe from a baby. Having a baby can impact every aspect of your life – from your diet for your wardrobe. You might have your pregnancy wardrobe sorted with the latest maternity line. However, choosing the best wardrobe after birth can be a little harder. You need to find clothes that make you feel beautiful, comfortable and practical.

Follow this quick guide to curate your ideal post-partum wardrobe.

Nursing bras

A nursing bra allows you to breastfeed or pump without removing your entire bra. They have flaps within the sup that fold down or a central clash that may be undone. Most nursing bras are soft and slightly padded for optimum comfort. Discover breastfeeding, you may still wear nursing bras in the post-partum period. Your breasts could be larger, and nursing bras can provide you support and comfort. You won't would like your usual push up bra right after birth. Ouch.

Dark fabrics

For the first few days after birth, stay with darker fabrics to be on the safe side. You might have several leaks and stains as the body recovers from birth. Darker fabrics may also hide any marks your baby leaves in your clothes, like spit-up. You could suit your baby's pyjamas and choose a mother and baby look.

Loose and comfy clothing

It's all about security in your fourth trimester. Stay with loose soft fabrics that flow together with your body instead of restricting it. Stay a long way away from tight waistbands and stiff fabric. Jeans will be your worst nightmare. If you are in a warmer climate, try wearing floating dresses and linen items. Breathable fabrics will assist you to help you stay cool within the warm weather.

Wrap around sweaters

In the wintertime months, you may need a few sweaters to help keep you warm. This isn't time for cashmere and dear knitwear. Buy some good-quality knits in the high street that you can wear again and again. If you're breastfeeding, try wrap-around styles to create feeding easier.

High waist leggings

After a C section, many women feel unstable around their abdomen. Some say they feel like they have to hold themselves together. Compression leggings can provide you with that extra support and hold your middle in position. It is a strange feeling to see – but high-waisted leggings can help.

A big coat

A large puffer jacket will keep you warm through the colder season. You are able to throw it over your pajamas, and no you will know you have baby spit up on your top. Try to look for a puffer jacket which goes down to the knees. It'll keep you dry and warm even just in the depths of winter.

Your wardrobe needs to feel like you. Purchase a few pieces that reflect your style and personality – even if they're still technically pajamas. A strong wardrobe can lift your mood and assist you to through those first couple of months of motherhood.

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