Golf is always fun, whether you’re going out with a couple of friends having a good time or you’re out there trying to shoot the best score you can shoot. You know what they say, “a bad day of golf is better than a good day of work”. Every golfer at some point has wanted to hit the ball further. While distance and consistency is mostly based on technique and good practice, there are a few exercises that can focus the muscles needed to really hit bombs:

Squats: Most golfers know that when hitting their driver they have to hit up on the ball to hit further, but to truly maximize their distance off the tee it’s all in the legs. All of the top touring pros will squat down during their downswing and then use the ground to push up and increase their club head speed resulting in longer distances. Squatting puts most of the focus on the Gluteus Maximus but it really includes every lower body muscle including the calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps. It is also one of the best exercises for your core which makes it the all around perfect exercise to increase your distance on the course. Refer here for how to squat.

Deadlifts: Deadlifts are the godfather of full body movements, they workout every single muscle required to swing a golf club. They focus on the legs mostly but deadlifts also workout the lower back, core, grip strength and forearms. Deadlifts will help you with your explosive power and your overall sturdiness and strength. The deadlift must be performed correctly to have maximum effectiveness and to avoid injury. Please refer here for perfect form. 

Cable Oblique Twists: The golf swing is a rotational movement engaging the core. Oblique twists are the most similar movement to the actual golf swing, it works out all core muscles that help you rotate faster and with more power. This workout will not only allow you to swing faster but it will also train the muscles’ endurance. A full 18 holes on average takes about four hours and let’s be honest most of us are taking over 100 swings. Muscular endurance is important so every swing can have the same power behind it, it is so hard to know your distances when your swing becomes inconsistent. Refer here for perfect form. 

Dumbbell Shoulder Flies: This workout is perfect in helping to gain distance for two main reasons, muscle strength and muscle flexibility. This exercise can be performed with high or low weight depending on what you want to focus on. A high weight set is going to build that muscular strength by getting those tiny tears in the muscle fibers that will grow back stronger. A low weight set is going to allow for more range of motion and a better stretch on the muscle fibers this will result in a more flexible shoulder resulting in less injuries on the golf course. As for hitting it further, having more muscle flexibility will allow you to take a longer backswing meaning you can build up more speed in your downswing using the strength you have built up in your shoulders. Refer here for perfect form. 

Hip Thrusts: In almost every sport you will hear to drive your hips through the ball. This is not some cliché saying that coaches like to say, it truly is the best advice one can give to get more power in anything. Golf is no exception, they say the golf swing should be 80% hips and 20% arms, this is because your hips control your whole body. This is the reason why in soccer or basketball they tell defenders to watch their hips, because their body cannot go anywhere without their hips driving the movement. Upon attempting hip thrusts one will most likely be shocked by the amount of weight they are able to lift, your hips are constantly being used, even just walking you are working out your hips. So if you want to hit the ball farther, hip thrusts are a must. Refer here for perfect form.

Hip Adductors/Abductors: While hip thrust improves your horizontal strength, hip adductors and abductors are going to strengthen your lateral movements. Your hip abductors are located on the outside of your hips and they are what help you drive your legs outward. Why is this important? When you use the ground to gain more power behind your shots it is not only a vertical push up, you also need to drive laterally through the ball to really see that distance increase. This will increase what they call your “compression” of the golf ball which is the amount you deloft your clubs, this will increase your distance and make the ball fly straighter. Refer here for perfect form.

Lat Pulldowns: A strong and sturdy back is essential for distance in golf for two reasons, speed and injury prevention. A strong back will help you really rip through the golf ball, the latissimus dorsi or Lats help to pull things toward your body. This is important because on your downswing the follow through is just as important as the contact, so when one is able to keep their speed up all the way through their swing they will definitely see more distance in every aspect of their game. As for sturdiness, the golf swing is very aggressive on your back when trying to swing as hard as possible. For example, Tiger Woods rotated so well in his swing that even though he worked out every single day he still required back surgery, but that is how he was able to revolutionize golf and pave the way for people like Mcilroy and DeChambeau who drive the ball 400+ yards. Now I am not saying to throw your back out on every swing, but when trying to swing powerful, a strong back will prevent so much injury that it cannot be overlooked. Refer here for perfect form.

Bench Press: Of course if we talk about the back then we have to talk about the front. Just as the lats rip through the ball on the follow through, the pectoralis major or pecs are going to help you get a strong in-to-out push on the ball. Just like with your back, bench press will mainly prevent injury. Let’s be honest most players main concern in golf is being able to play, nothing ruins a beautiful day out on the golf course like a torn pec. A strong foundation in these major muscles makes a huge difference when it comes to longevity of health. Refer here for perfect form. 

Forearm Curls: Strong forearms are one of the most important aspects of powerful golf swings. Mainly when hitting out of the rough it is so important to have strong forearms so you can keep the clubface square and go through the thick grass easier. Strong forearms will also increase your distance and control with your wedges. Refer here for perfect form. 

Weighted Russian Twists: Another rotation exercise that is going to build the obliques, lower back, and abs. Similar to the cable oblique twists, this is going to increase swing speed and power because it replicates the golf swing pretty well. A great variation for this exercise would be to do it on a decline bench, that adds some difficulty and incorporates the “muffin top” or lower abs. Refer here for perfect form. 

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