What comes to mind when you think of the morning? Chaos? Stress? Rushing out the door without time to eat? With many of us staying at home to work nowadays due to the pandemic, mornings may no longer be as stressful. Still, it can be hard to motivate yourself to get started. Cut out a few bad habits and work on a couple of good ones, and the morning hours can quickly turn into a time of sanctuary before you brave the choppy seas of a weekday. Read our top 10 ways to have a healthy morning.


First thing when waking up, it’s important to just breathe. Before all the hustle and bustle that’s in front of you, focus on the moment. This could be through meditation or prayer, whatever works for you. Practicing this ritual every morning will put you in a healthy mindset and help you stay calm and relaxed for the day ahead.


Every day is brand new and filled with opportunity. Start your morning by visualizing how you want the day to go. What are some goals that you would like to accomplish throughout the day? Be inspired by what drives you. Try reflecting on the good things you have right now in your life. Gratitude is a big step in creating a healthy life.

Go Technology free

Sometimes checking social media or emails can stimulate negative thoughts and emotions. Before checking your devices (we wrote an article about 10 ways to digital detox), take the time to be hands-free. It’s especially important for our minds to be refreshed and clutter-free in the a.m. so that we can have a happier day. Save yourself some stress by giving yourself time to just be. Invest in some healthy habits that will feed your mind and soul.


Exercising in the morning is a great way to have a healthy start. This will get your blood pumping and creative juices flowing. You will feel more energized and prepared to take on the day ahead. Starting your day on the right foot encourages a day filled with healthy habits. Studies have shown that morning exercise will ultimately boost your mood, help you sleep better at night, and more.

Healthy Breakfast

We’ve all heard that food is fuel, so start your morning with a nutrient-rich breakfast. By doing this, you’ll rev up that metabolism and have the energy needed for a productive day. You’ll immediately feel the benefits that a healthy breakfast provides for the body. Pressed for time? Check out these healthy options that take 5 minutes or less!


You’d be surprised how much writing can impact your mental health for the better. Writing or journaling can be great for anxiety, depression, and overall stress. Had a rough night? Wake up and refresh your mind by venting your concerns on paper. This will help keep your mind healthy by having a stable outlet for the positive and negative experiences that come along in life.


Skip the coffee and as soon as you wake up and opt for H2O. You want to rehydrate that dehydrated body that’s been asleep for a while. This practice will fuel your brain and help you function throughout the day. Drinking alcohol the night before? Hydrating with water the next morning will help your system flush out toxins and keep you healthy.


Wake up your body by stretching right when you get out of bed. This will immediately improve blood flow and unwind those tight muscles from sleeping for hours. It’s important to stretch for a day ahead filled with activity and tasks. You’ll feel more energized and improve your overall health.

Sunlight Exposure

There’s something about Vitamin D that gives the body an energy boost. Getting outside, even just for a little, improves mood, can reduce overall stress, and more. Take your breakfast out on your porch or backyard patio and just take in the sun’s natural medicine. Especially if you’re stuck in an office all day, give yourself some sunlight in the morning and reap the benefits.


It’s no surprise that showering is healthy, but it’s also a great way to wake up in the morning, especially for those who struggle with the early hours. And if you splurge in cold water towards the end of the shower, it can help you stay alert during the day. Morning showers can also decrease stress and improve immune function. In addition, some of the best ideas are thought of in the shower!

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