We can all remember being young children and getting a sunburn, and our parents slathering the red areas with Aloe Vera- and we can all remember the immediate relief we felt once this soothing plant touched our skin. Due to its potential benefits of treating health conditions and topical lesions, the succulent plant has attracted a lot of attention. The use of Aloe Vera can be traced back to over 6000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Early Egyptians considered the Aloe Vera a plant of immortality and used it for curing battle wounds, burns, blisters, and various other conditions. Learn about all the health benefits associated with aloe vera, here are Health Fitness Revolution‘s favorites.

Boosts Immune System

Aloe Vera is full of anti-oxidants which are natural immune enhancers that help to deal with free radicals within the body. Free radicals are the unstable compounds which are bad for the health and contributes to the aging process. Drinking Aloe Vera juice regularly gives the body a regular supply of anti-oxidants, which can boost and enhance the immune system.

Reduces Heart Disease Risk

Eating Aloe enhances your blood quality by stopping blood cells from clumping together, a common cause for strokes. With the flow of blood properly maintained, oxygen and nutrients can reach every last organ and cell in your body, reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure.

Boosts Energy Levels

The properties in Aloe Vera juice naturally allow the body to cleanse the digestive system. There are many food substances which can cause fatigue and exhaustion which you can solve by taking Aloe Vera juice. When consumed regularly, Aloe Vera juice also allows energy levels to increase and helps in maintaining a healthy body weight.

Aids Digestion and Regularity

The natural fibers in Aloe juice help with digestion and improve bowel movements. Aloe juice can also be used in treating constipation- it takes about 10 hours to work.

Stabilizes Blood Sugar

Studies have shown that if taken regularly for 3 months, Aloe juice can lower blood sugar levels in people with Type 2 Diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar level and reducing triglycerides. Also those who are diabetic suffering from peripheral neuropathy (hands and feet going numb) can also get hugely benefitted from Aloe Vera juice. For more foods that lower blood sugar levels, read our article here.

Keeps Gums Healthy

Due to its natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, aloe is very helpful at maintaining a healthy mouth. At the same time it contains vitamins and minerals which promote cell growth and healing of bleeding gums and mouth ulcers. When suffering from a gum disease, just sprinkle some Aloe Vera powder on your toothbrush before brushing and within few minutes you will feel much better. Regular consumption of Aloe Vera juice also helps in  promoting strong and healthy teeth.

Great for the Skin

As we all know, Aloe is great for burned skin relief. It soothes the skin, hydrates it, nourishes it and accelerates the regeneration of new skin tissue. By applying fresh Aloe Vera gel on your face you can enjoy well moisturized, glowing and flawless skin. Other useful topical uses are to treat blisters, insect bites and any allergic reactions, minor burns, inflammations and more. Even those with sensitive skin can use Aloe Vera without irritation.

Treats Acne

Acne is a kind of very common skin problem in which the sebaceous glands become more active and inflamed. The anti-inflammatory properties present in Aloe Vera help to get rid of acne and pimples when the gel is applied on the affected skin are twice daily.

Treats Inflammation

Using Aloe externally can ease inflammation of joints, reducing arthritis pain. You can also drink Aloe Vera juice to reduce inflammation throughout the body. People who drink aloe Vera juice for two weeks typically begin to experience a significant reduction of inflammation and pain symptoms.

Reduces Cholesterol

A few recent studies have shown that when used internally, the gel improves the quality of the blood and also lowers high cholesterol levels.

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