90s makeup trends were all about boldness. The bolder the look, the greater it was. From red lips to blue eyeshadow and shimmery gold, most of us have seen the most popular actresses wearing and carrying these looks as they re-emerge in popularity today.

These 90s makeup trends were worn by the decade’s top supermodels and pop singers, and they made their way from TRL to the hearts.

With 20 cosmetic trends that ruled the 1990s, we’re transporting you to the golden chronilogical age of lip liner and lipsticks. So light your lava lamp, sit back in your inflatable chair, and scroll down for the ultimate beauty flashback. Oh, and let’s all agree not to bring back thin brows ever! (haha)

Minimalism was not a concept in those days. The only real minimalistic thing you could have noticed was the skin-toned or earthy lipstick. It did look wonderful but with a hint of glossiness.

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