Born and raised in Miami, Cuban-American entrepreneur Alexandra Sherman may be the founder of bespoke skincare studio The Lab. Located in Las Vegas, The Lab offers customized facials and esthetic services, including scalp micropigmentation and permanent makeup. Sherman founded The Lab because she identified an industry space within the skincare experience that may capitalize upon cutting-edge technology to provide clients customized services. At the heart from the intersection between science, aesthetics, and business, The Lab offers state-of-the-art treatments to celebrity clients around the world. We were so excited to talk with Sherman about her career in wellness and her skincare secrets for the summer.
What made you go from criminal justice to the wellness industry?
After i moved from Florida to Vegas I couldn't transfer my Private Investigator license as quickly when i would have liked to. I started researching my options and decided I would love to get into skincare and become an esthetician, so I followed that path.
What inspired you to found The Lab, and just what services do you offer?
I had been inspired by quality products and high luxury facials which i felt the Vegas market were built with a need for. I usually felt like I needed to travel for an advanced facial treatment and wanted to do something different here. We offer specialized Biologique Recherche facial treatments, custom Lab facial treatments including the best high-tech equipment available to estheticians, together with Gentleman's facial treatments. Additionally, I am a trained permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation artist and will be offering those services closer to no more the entire year.
What is your morning skincare routine? What everyday staples would you use to start off your day?

The Lab x Biologique Recherche Collaboration. Photo credits: https://www.thelabssp.com/biologique-recherche

My morning skincare routine usually includes: A milky cleanser (Lait VIP O2 for oxygenation and brightness), a great exfoliant (for chemical, I choose Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, and for manual exfoliation, I go for Valmont's Face Exfoliant), a brightening and/or hydrating mask (my favorite go-to combination is Masque Visolastine + and Masque VIP O2), rhe appropriate serums I select during the day (I usually do a cocktail of Biologique Recherche's Amniotique for hydration with Elastine for smoothing wrinkles). I follow these serums with my Vit a (AVST Moisturizer by Environ) and Vitamin C by Environ. I moisturize based on my skin that morning. If I am more prone to break out, i quickly will use Biologique Recherche Demopurifiante, but otherwise, my go-to is generally Creme VIP O2. I ALWAYS finish with Fluide VIP O2 to safeguard from external aggressions and pollutants with an SPF 50 (I like Glow by ColoreScience)
What about your nighttime skincare routine?
My nighttime skincare routine is generally just like morning, except I switch these products out based on me. I also skip the SPF and Ascorbic acid and merely do the Vit a. This is the time I'll give a purifying mask after my chemical or manual exfoliant if I seem like my skin was stressed during the day.

What would be the most important protective measures you'd suggest to deal with your skin? (i.e., sunscreen, diet, hydration, sleep, exercising)
All of the above are important, however i would say applying and making sure to consistently re-eapply sunscreen is an essential reaction you can have. If you're particularly prone to hyperpigmentation, wearing sunglasses is particularly important, as the eyes would be the main point of entry to in which the sun can go into the body and cause harm. Being hydrated can also be extremely important; many first signs of aging can be confused for dehydration or excess sugar intake.
Are there on-the-go products you retain in your purse to the touch up your skin throughout the day?
Yes, I usually keep brush-on shield by ColoreScience for sunscreen re-application throughout the day. If I'm working out, I keep Eau Micellaire Biosensible by Biologique Recherche for any quick cleanse and L'Eauxygenante as a refreshing mist with AHA's to balance my skin.
What advice can you give on proper skin protection during the summer?
Please make sure to wear and RE-APPLY SPF. Hats and sunglasses are an effective way to keep the sun from damaging your skin.
Do you've any beauty advice for developing a lightweight, water-resistant makeup look at the lake or beach?
Finding a makeup line that's non-comodogenic and doubles being an SPF is a superb method to achieve a flawless look while protecting yourself. Utilizing a primer and foundation which have sunscreen and a light-to-medium tint is a great excuse to put on makeup at the lake or beach. There are plenty of lip glosses that also have SPF: pick one make sure you are protecting your lips too.

What would be the top beauty trends from the summer?
Because of Hailey Bieber, hydrating masque Visolastine+ for has truly been an enormous hit with skincare lovers. I've found that individuals are actually gravitating more towards natural makeup and adding vitamin C to their regimen, which is exciting to determine.
What summer foods would you recommend for hydrating and nourishing your skin?
Vegetables and fruit – those particularly with high water content are ideal. Adding cucumbers and lemons to your water is a fairly way to hydrate, while adding a refreshing taste to your water.
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Photo Credits: The Lab, Shop Rescue Spa

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