Prominent, Dubai-based jewellery house La Marquise's new collection draws inspiration from the culturally rich heritage and artistic flair from the Italian capital of scotland- Imperia. Amalgamating the brand new and contemporary design ways with traditional Arabesque motifs, the collection mirrors the town's strong design nuances.

Demonstrating our prime caliber of La Marquise's stone craftsmanship and selection, each piece in the collection uses gemstones that experienced a very stringent selection process, were hand-picked and caliber-cut to match each design.

Playing with strung tassels, comprising the finest of pearls, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, each one of the Imperia collection pieces mirrors an unparalleled elegance. Using three key design concepts, layering, double-coloured motifs and single motifs, each piece in the collection is easy-to-wear, versatile and a perfect fit for just about any abayas and kaftans. This coupled with each piece's unique availability causes it to be a true jewel find.

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