The beauty industry made a great progress way over the last decade. An area that was once dedicated to making consumers seem like they have to hide their “flaws” and standardize the look of them has shifted towards messaging that people should embrace who we're and use beauty like a form of expression. So when we all do feel insecure about something (we're human, after all), we ought to turn to true experts and evidenced-based formulas.

It's a welcome shift, and something that seems to be reaching every corner of the beauty industry – shows about beauty included. Today's streaming services offer an abundance of body-positive, vibrant beauty content which will make you feel more inspired and invigorated each and every episode – not in desperate need to change something with regards to you.

So from Netflix to Hulu, discover our top picks to find the best beauty shows, ahead.

  • Skin Decision

Most shows focused on cosmetic surgery have a tendency to lean into the superficial stereotypes mounted on such treatments (think: BridalPlasty and Botched). But unlike these shows, Skin Decision is full of heart. There's no shame in wanting any kind of plastic surgery – but as a viewer, Skin Decision is certainly a nice change of pace. Instead of featuring patients that want to make extreme cosmetic changes (again, there's zero shame in this – but as a show concept, it has been done plenty before), this show is focused on people who have observed traumatic life events or deeply personal cosmetic issues (like very severe acne) which have left all of them with significant scarring or disfigurements. Each patient meets with the show's stars: board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian and rn Nurse Jamie, who then decide together when the patient is really a candidate for any surgical transformation (done by Dr. Nazarian) or a number of non-surgical treatments (done by Nurse Jamie).

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  • Queer Eye

Certainly, almost everyone has caught on to the special moment from the newly imagined Queer Eye (the first season from the new iteration starring Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, and Bobby Berk aired in 2022, in the end). But I'd be remiss to depart them back of the list. Like Skin Decision, Queer Eye goes beyond the superficiality that's often related to beauty and makeover shows and instead explores the deeply nuanced intersections of beauty and identity. On each episode of Queer Eye, a community nominates a person that's been focused on servicing their community and, as a result, is deserving of an overall total life makeover – from finding out how to establish healthy boundaries and cope with emotional distress, to cooking healthy meals for themselves, to learning daily grooming and skincare routines, you'll watch each person undergo an entire physical and mental transformation.

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  • Skin Wars

For anyone obsessive about special effects makeup, look no further than Skin Wars. Focused on body art (think: Ariana Grande's look in the “God Is really a Woman” music video), this competition-based reality show features one body painting challenge per episode, followed by judging from RuPaul Charles, Craig Tracy, and Robin Slonina to find out a winner. Just as there's one winner per episode, one artist is also eliminated with every episode until just one artist stands. The winner takes home $10,000 and plenty of body painting clout.

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  • About Face

Whether you're an aspiring makeup artist or perhaps a rising brand founder, there is something for everybody on Quibi's About Face, starring Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Here, Huntington-Whitely sits down with a few of the beauty industry's most famous faces, from Jen Atkin to Kylie Jenner, to Huda Kattan and beyond. Together, Whitely and her guests dig into what must be done to make it within the beauty industry, how each guest got their first big break, and how viewers can pave their very own way in such a saturated space.

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  • Glow Up

First airing in 2022, this British reality show is the ultimate challenge for makeup artists. In every season, several 10 makeup artists competes in a series of weekly makeup challenges in search of the final prize: a contract to assist some of the world's most famous MUAs. After each challenge, a clear winner from the round is identified, as well as the two weakest artists for that particular challenge. To increase the intensity, the two weakest artists of that round must compete head-to-head until only one remains standing.

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