Anyone else feeling existentially tired? Like after quarantine, along with a sourdough starter, and shot girl summer, you're just really prepared to grab a mug of chamomile tea, put on your best cottage-core, and curl up with a decent book? Same.

Luckily, the literary debuts this year don't disappoint. Fill up and revel in.


The Husbands

If you're looking for a juicy feminist murder mystery, this is it. The Husbands follows Nora, a working mom up for partner at her law firm who is Ready. To. Snap. when she meets several power women in the suburbs just who have figured out the key to success: husbands who do all the housework. The plot may have you simultaneously nodding in complete agreement about the burdens put on ladies and trying to figure out what is wrong with the seemingly idyllic feminist community. The twist will send chills down your spine – perfect for spooky season.

The Husbands by Chandler Baker$13.99SHOP NOW


Kaitlyn Greenidge's historical novel follows Libertie Sampson, a young girl finding herself in a free Black community in reconstruction-era Brooklyn. A meditation on what it means to become free as a Black woman, Libertie struggles using the dreams her mother, a doctor, has for her to follow along with in her own footsteps. She chooses ultimately to marry a man from Haiti who promises she'll be his equal in the homeland, but finds that they is still subordinate, but still searching for a place she will be true to herself and beholden simply to her very own expectations.

Libertieby Kaitlyn Greenidge$9.18SHOP NOW

All In

Billie Jean King is an underappreciated icon. She's the original G.O.A.T. – she laid the groundwork for equal pay in sports (as well as for women everywhere), pushed forward LGBTQ rights like a rare-out athlete, and built a legacy among the greatest athletes who's ever lived. In her own latest memoir, she shares it all. Grab a copy should you prefer a little inspiration.

All Inby Billie Jean King$23.99SHOP NOW

You Got Anything Stronger?:Stories

In Gabrielle Union's 2022 memoir, We're Going to Require more Wine, she got unflinchingly honest about her journey with IVF and “having a lot of miscarriages which i could not give a precise number.” In the sequel, she's much more real (if that is possible), opening up about her journey with surrogacy, confronting racism within the entertainment industry, and having a discussion with her iconic Bring It On Character.

You Got Anything Stronger?:Storiesby Gabrielle Union$21.99SHOP NOW

Beautiful World, Where Are You

It is Sally Rooney's world and we're all just hungrily devouring her prose in it – certainly, a minimum of, if the Ny Times Bestseller list will be believed. Following the mega-hit which was Normal People (the broody, heart-wrenching, make-you-feel-some-kinda-way story of two Irish on-again-off-again lovers delivered to life by Daisy Edgar Jones and Paul Mescal in the steamy Hulu adaptation) comes Rooney's third novel – a story a good author who has written two novels and become wildly famous and wildly rich using their success.

Beautiful World, Where Are You by Sally Rooney$16.80SHOP NOW


Against the backdrop of the changing world shaped by climatic change, Migrations follows Franny Stone as she makes her method to Greenland, hitches a ride onto an angling boat, and sets off in to the dark sea for Antarctica, to look at the last birds of the species make what is their final migration. Below is the unspooling of Franny's own journey and the inconvenient truths she can't avoid.

Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy $10.99SHOP NOW

Daughters of Sparta

If you are always considering that certain Greek mythology class you took, or devoured Madeline Miller's Circe (or obsessed over Mr brad pitt in Troy, no shame) the Claire Heywood, a scholar from the ancient world, will drop you directly into the midst of 1 of the very most fascinating periods in history. The Daughters of Sparta is really a fictionalized account from the princesses of Sparta, Helen and Klytemnestra, whose lives are ruled by the whims of Kings, but whose cleverness and bravery ends up shaping history.

Daughters of Sparta by Claire Heywood$11.99SHOP NOW

Fault Lines

Intimate and witty, Fault Lines follows Mizuki, a Japanese housewife prepared to crack underneath the weight of thankless domesticity when she meets Kiyoshi, a stunning restauranteur. A romance blossoms, secrets are born, and Mizuki blows open a new future for herself – all she's to do is choose.

Fault Lines by Emily Itami$14.99SHOP NOW

What Storm, What Thunder

Haiti, in very real headlines, has been devastated by high-magnitude earthquakes. Within the novel What Storm, What Thunder, Myriam J.A. Chancy masterfully imagines a realistic look at the aftershocks within the lives of the people of Port-au-Prince. Together, they weave a complex picture of devastation and resilience.

What Storm, What Thunder by Myriam J.A. Chancy$24.95SHOP NOW

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