One of today's popular natural home remedies for healthy hair is rice water. You may be wondering how a simple solution can do wonders to your tresses. However, rice water has been utilized since ancient times. Actually, the court ladies in Japan used this means to fix keep their hair long and beautiful. So, do you know the advantages of choosing rice water in your hair?

Benefits of Using Rice Water on Your Hair

1. Makes Hair Smooth and Shiny

Keep in your mind that rice water is full of proteins that may nourish your strands. As a result, it may repair damaged hair. Remember, when your strands are damaged, they have a hard time retaining moisture, which leads to breakage, split ends, and frizz. When you apply rice water to your hair, it can benefit nourish it. As a result, this home cure might help counteract breakage. The final result is smooth and shiny hair that you could de-tangle easily.

2. Strengthens Hair

One from the benefits of using rice water in your hair is it strengthens your strands. As stated, this solution is rich in protein. Remember, your hair consists of keratin, which is a protein. As such, the protein in rice water can play a role to keep your strands strong and hard. As a result, your hair's overall condition will improve.

3. Can Promote Hair regrowth

Aside from those benefits, rice water can also help promote hair regrowth. To explain further, the amino acids within this solution supports the regeneration of the hair. Aside from that, additionally, it contains vitamins, like vitamin b complex, C, and E. These nutrients won't promote hair regrowth. They can also strengthen your hair shaft, making your tresses grow long and healthy.

How to Make Rice Water?

Now you know the advantages of using rice water in your hair, you may be wondering steps to make this solution. So, how can you make rice water?


1 cup water
1 cup rice


a. The first step in making rice water would be to rinse the rice. This task will remove the dirt and then any impurities present in the rice.

b. When the rice is washed, you can now strain it. Afterward, the next step is to combine the rice and water. Remember that you need to mix the 2 ingredients until the water turns cloudy. Then, now you can strain the rice.

c. Once you have obtained the cloudy solution, the next thing is to allow it spend time at 70 degrees for about 12 to 24 hours. This task will ferment the solution to ensure that all of the healthful compounds will come out.

d. After 24 hours, you can now put the solution inside a refrigerator. When you're ready to use it, you can transfer the reply to a small container so that it can be simply applied to your tresses. Keep in mind that the solution can last for a week when kept in the fridge.

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