The business of plants is growing in the last year. Allow me to flourish – DIY terrarium bars have replaced paint and sip nights, having a room filled with plants is more impressive than a collection of aged wine, and also the plants you decide to bring into your life (and invest your time taking care of) can tell more about you than your horoscope.

And as we all know, behind every big trend – even plant ownership – is definitely an influencer in the driver's seat. As well as in the situation of plants, there are a few key players (both O.G.s plus some new accounts to dedicate their feeds to plants) worth knowing about. Ahead, uncover the best plant-fluencers to follow on Instagram to remain inspired and in the know.

Melissa Frusco

For the sporadic plant-lover looking for general best practices and plant design tips, Melissa Frusco is your girl. Frusco's Nyc apartment is stuffed with plants, and she or he posts regularly about how to create a cohesive, plant-forward space, how and when to re-pot your plants, and strategies for keeping trickier plants alive. We say her account is best for the sporadic plant-lover only because Frusco balances her plant-forward posts along with other lifestyle content, like interior decor and curly hair tips.

Hilton Carter

If you're looking for all things plant inspiration all the time, use Hilton Carter's account. Carter is really a professional interior and plant designer, meaning he's a pro at choosing and styling plants for the home that be perfect for your design preferences and lifestyle. This is largely a visual-driven account, so giving Carter a follow means your feed is going to be filled with the most beautiful, illuminated rooms full of sun light and lucious plant-scapes. You'll find plenty of plants, pots, and care accessories here that you'll want to repeat ASAP, so fair warning: plenty of plant envy ahead.

Jen Tao

@Jensuccs is a plant pro who specializes in – you guessed it – all things succulents. Tao's feed is full of snapshots of her impressive succulent garden, plus strategies for arranging succulents (and other plants, too) into stylized bowls, wreaths, dreamcatchers, and windowsill adornments. Follow her for succulent-related craft tutorials, strategies for incorporating succulents into all areas of interior decor, and low-maintenance plant tips.

Plants With a View

This is *the* take into account anyone that's trying to make the plant mom life happen in a tiny city apartment. @Plantswithaview offers an abundance of sun-drenched, tropical plants – like Monsteras and Birds of Paradise- against Manhattan skyline views. From the perspective of her apartment in Williamsburg, NY, Tatiana comes with an unparalleled view of cotton candy sunsets, which, when paired with the Empire State Building, wild plants, and her dog Stella, alllow for some serious eye candy.

Botanical Black Girl

For the ones that are interested in getting into the nitty-gritty of plants – their biology, the science of growth, and diagnosing and treating plant diseases – but also want a healthy dose of realism, look no further than @botanicalblackgirl. Stephanie, the account's founder, posts plenty of aesthetic photos, but she also posts close-ups of “imperfect” leaves and care mishaps that have caused plants to visit brown or crisp. In the plant-fluencer world, it's super refreshing to determine this perspective. Nobody is perfect – especially not nature.

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