Taking that next 'big step' in your relationship should be the most exciting duration of your lifetime! With all of the wedding event planning stress thatawaits you, one element that's becoming easier is buying your dream engagement ring. This is thanks to the South Asian-owned and Los Angeles-based jewelers, Sonu Company. South Asian sisters Kajal and Payal Vitha founded their brand after seeing close friends and family face a lack of transparency, honesty, and education when it came to the diamond engagement ring shopping process. As Third generation jewelers and GIA graduates, the sisters created Sonu Company in an effort to lend their expertise and educate couples about everything they should know when buying an engagement ring.

Sonu Company works with each client on a 1:1 basis to produce their partner's dream wedding ring. Created using ethically sourced and authorized diamonds for every custom-designed ring, they take pride in transparency, quality, affordability, and education from beginning to end. When it comes to ring design, Sonu Company offers unique elements that will bring your vision alive prior to the final product. These include ethically sourced diamonds, certified diamonds, customizable diamond settings, and 3-dimensional designing.

Here are 5 key tips the expert jewelers, Kajal and Payal, suggest that everyone ought to make note of when it comes to buying a diamond ring:

    1. Cut: Out of the 4C's (Cut, Clarity, Color, & Carat), many people think Color or Clarity is the most important, but it is actually thecut. You want to make certain your diamond is falling between your Excellent-Ideal range for any quality stone!
    2. Budget: Don't get stuck in your budget, you will find loads of different diamond options (shapes, weights, grading). There is a ring for each budget. Are available in at a price range in your mind and we'll assist you with the rest!
    3. Pinterest Board: Ask your Spouse to create a Pinterest Board or save some images that they like with regards to diamond shape and ring design.
    4. Always purchase a certified diamond!: Certified diamonds meet a certain standard. Natural and Lab grown diamonds are graded with the same scale by a specialist gemologist. The most common type of certificates are graded by IGI or GIA.
    5. Make sure your nails are carried out!

We swept up with Kajal and Payal of Sonu Company to learn more about their incredible business, their personal favorite ring styles, and every one of the engagement ring buying tips you need to know!

Cliche: What inspired you to definitely start Sonu Company?

Kajal & Payal: Our family members have experienced the jewellery niche for generations! Once we got older, more friends started searching for advice on how to pick and buy the best diamond engagement ring. We wanted Sonu Company to supply it all: A spot for you and your partner to find inspiration, transparency, along with a 1:1 guided experience with diamond jewelry expert!

Cliche: What are some essential things people should consider when buying an engagement ring?

Kajal & Payal: Two things to consider: your partner's style – Could they be thinking some dainty and much more petite or more of the statement piece. It's super vital that you keep the partner in mind when designing since they will be the ones wearing it forever!

Budget is essential but it shouldn't be the one thing to think about. We specialize in lab-grown diamonds. They're 100% real diamonds and certified. This will make it less expensive and simpler for each budget type to obtain a beautiful diamond engagement ring.

Cliche: What exactly are some of your favorite engagement ring styles?

Kajal & Payal: We are definitely different with regards to diamond engagement ring style. Payal's favorite diamond engagement ring style is the hidden halo. This setting is for the ladies that do not want the standard halo. This still gets the attention but still with the smaller diamond wrapping around the head. While my (Kajal) favorite style may be the elongated center stone solitaires, like ovals & cushions. These center stones give your finger a slender look developing a strong and bold statement.

Cliche: What exactly are a number of your most widely used engagement ring styles?

Kajal & Payal: Because the brand's launch, we've noticed that a number of our clients gravitate towards Classic Round and Hidden Cushion diamond shape and setting when purchasing and customizing their engagement rings.

Cliche: Why should couples come to you to create their engagement rings?

Kajal & Payal: Buying your engagement ring shouldn't just be transactional. This is a big moment for the individual who is buying the ring and finding the ring. We want to create an experience where our clients are happy and educated by what they are buying. We would like them to be able to create the ring of the partner's dreams.

For more details visit sonucompany.com or @SonuCompany on social media.
For additional Diamond engagement ring stories, visit ClicheMag.com
Images Supplied by Sonu Company

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