Fall has got the best fragrances – no doubt. As i can appreciate the clean linens and sea salt scents of summer, fall candles just set the mood with delicious scents that people keep company with crisp air and comfy nights in your own home (and Gilmore Girls, tbh). There's just something about notes like crackling firewood and pumpkin spice which help us exhale, settle in, and feel comforted.

There are hundreds of fall candles on the market now, and they aren't all created equal. In addition to liking the scent, there are a few important aspects to consider when you are investing in a candle. For starters, search for candles created using wholesome (preferably organic) ingredients and cotton wicks, which are not as likely to plume smoke than synthetic wicks. It's also wise to make sure you such as the vessel that the candle comes in so you can re-use it in your home (it's 2022, no more waste!). Candle vessels can easily be re-used to store your makeup brushes, cotton rounds, spare change, or can also be refilled for pretty cheap.

When selecting a candle, you should also consider purchasing a wick trimmer (they appear very chic alongside your votives) and trim the wick to about 1/4 inch before each light to avoid ash from accumulating round the inside of your jar.

Hopefully, that can help narrow things down, but in case you are always undecided, never fear. I am a fall candle obsessive, and i have tried all of the major hits. So without further ado, discover the best candles for fall 2022 ahead.

  • Nest Pumpkin Chai 3-Wick Candle

Pumpkin spice is exorbitantly popular for any reason – it sets the atmosphere for fall unlike any other fragrance. If you are seeking a pumpkin spice candle to start setting the stage for fall in your house, look no further than the Nest Pumpkin Chai 3-Wick Candle. At $70, you will find more affordable options, but simply a few minutes of burning this candle fills my house with the mouth-watering scent of the fresh pumpkin chai latte. (Other candles just look pretty and just smell of pumpkin when I get really close.) Believe me, it's worth the investment if you are into fall candles. And pro tip: With these multi-wick candles, it's really important to let the very best layer of wax melt all the way to the perimeters of the jar upon the first use. Otherwise you will get that dreaded “tunneling” effect in which the wax burns unevenly (and gets wasted).

  • Diptyque Cannelle




No name is very as symbolic of luxury fragrance as Diptyque. The Cannelle smells like a cinnamon bun (cinnamon bark freshly stripped from the tree branches) and it is sure to fill your home using the feeling of comfort and warmth you'd keep company with a comfortable night beneath your favorite blanket. The jar is so pretty that you could re-use it for life.

  • Sunday Riley Come Upstairs Massage Candle


Come Upstairs

Massage Candle

For those extra chilly, extra cozy nights in, you'll want to light Sunday Riley's Come Upstairs Massage Candle. This sweet, honey and vanilla-infused candle has skin benefits too, meaning when the wax cools down, technology-not only as a luxurious massage oil. You can also utilize it like a normal candle if massages aren't your lifestyle, but warning: It smells so great that you'll wish to bathe inside it.

  • Bath & Body Works Fall Farmhouse


Bath & Body Works

Fall Farmhouse

No fall candle roundup could be complete without Bath & Body Works. The brand's Fall Farmhouse Candle is one of my personal favorite scents of year, with top notes of “spiced pumpkin, forest pine branch, and fresh fall air,” according to the brand's website. It smells like you've just stepped outside on a crisp fall day with absolutely nowhere you have to be.

  • Capri Blue Spiced Cider Candle

Second perhaps simply to pumpkin, spiced cider is among the most comforting scents we associate with fall. And also to recreate the feeling with a candle, the Capri Blue Spiced Cider Candle is the best choice. With notes of sparkling berries, harvest apple, cinnamon, along with a Canadian fir base, this is one of those candles that emanates fragrance even when it's unlit. When you do choose to light a match, it envelopes the area within the absolute coziest fresh apple smell. It's like someone's brewing a fresh batch of spiced cider in the next room.

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