Today you want to discuss Ruby diamond engagement rings. Ruby is not on the list of the stones that certain considers to become part of their engagement ring. However, historically ruby symbolizes courage, love, protection, and passion.

Rubies were once the most preferred choice of the royalty. You'll find the stones to be part of most kings' and queens' jewelry sets. Choosing to possess a ruby engagement ring is a majestic choice by itself. Who doesn't enjoy the look of royalty on their own hands?

A modern bride has got the option to choose from the new collection of ruby rings. They are available with a range spanning from unique contemporary shapes to modern and traditional ring styles. You can also shortlist this gemstone to be a part of your personal day making it etched ever.

The Considerations

Diamonds occupy the very best spot with regards to the precious gem that people opt for their wedding. Most gemstones are softer than diamonds, rubies prove to be an anomaly and are much more resilient compared to rest. Thus, it proves to be a great option for a diamond ring that you can treasure for a lifetime.

If you are to consult a benchmark that can guide you to know the hardness quotient from the ruby rings, you are able to make reference to the Mohs Hardness Scale. Rubys come second to simply diamonds and also have a rating of nine, while the highest rating is 10 of diamonds.

An interesting phenomenon about the rubies is it reflects your personality too, as it is a one-of-a-kind ring. Most professionals often suggest that one of the best ways to select a diamond ring that's apt for you is to shortlist a stone that you simply interact with intuitively.

Many people usually have a preference for extremely colorful stones as opposed to traditional diamond engagement rings. Gemstone experts suggest that people should go using their intuition while selecting their diamond engagement ring as it seldom goes completely wrong for this type of choice.

The good reasons to seek a ruby ring are plenty of, but an excellent area that requires attention is your buck. If you're somebody that really wants to have an extraordinary and high-quality ruby, for instance, the Pigeon's or Burmese blood red, it will have a fat check.

However, you shouldn't believe that it rules out your lust for any ruby ring completely, as there are lots of cost-efficient ring options that you could find in the market. Rubies are also available in a wide range of colors at various price points.

What Are you able to Seek

The Cuts That Work Best With Rubies

While considering purchasing a ruby diamond engagement ring, an important aspect that you should keep in mind is exactly what stone cut works the best. Probably the most common cuts prevalent for ruby is oval or round. Such a cut helps to enhance the interior shades from the red colorization within the gemstone.

Cuts like octagon, marquise, and pear are also popular for rubies, though the cost of such cuts tends to be on the higher side.

The Metals and Settings That Work Best With Rubies

An exquisite feature of the rubies is the versatility. The rubies are one of the strongest gemstones, second to only moissanite and diamonds in terms of hardness, so that they provide unlimited options for settings.

While shortlisting a particular setting of the ring, you should make sure that the stone takes hold wherein allows light to obtain beneath it. This phenomenon helps to reveal the true color of the gemstone. Although you can set rubies in all the metal colors, the 18-carat yellow gold or rose gold helps make them get noticed.

The Types of Rubies

There is really a selection of choices for your ruby ring, ranging from pink to red to orange. The origin of the gemstone plays a vital role in determining its color. For example, if you make reference to the rubies from Bangkok, there is also a darker color because of chromium and iron.

Every color available in the rubies is exclusive to itself, and it all comes down to your individual preferences while shortlisting the ideal kind of ruby.

So this article tries to provide you with a sense of what to look for when you shortlist your ruby engagement ring. Another vital aspect that you should bear in mind is the maintenance and care of the engagement ring. Although you can always seek professional help for cleaning your jewelry, you should devote some time in your own home to clean them too. You can soak your jewelry in tepid to warm water with soap and clean them.

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