Traditions rise and fall, not just for wedding gowns and celebrations but also for bridal makeup looks. Last year’s popular makeup looks may not be popular this year, but there's a bunch of new ones to try.

A bride understands the importance of wearing something old plus many new fresh things on her wedding day. After all, it’s good fortune! But choosing something daring and sensual is just as vital – and you can now put it on! Get inspired by these bridal makeup trends, which change from soft and mild to sexy and bold. Fortunately, you won’t have to go any farther than this alternative of the most beautiful bridal makeup searches for all sorts of bride.

Red lipstick is romantic. Period. This mixture of defined eyes and a lovely glow provides a wonderful appearance for this bride. This was the ideal outfit for that couple’s wedding in Italy, where they said, “I do” as the sun sank around them.

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