Everyone is excited for summer trips again, but following a year spent close to home, your packing skills might have gotten just a little rusty. Recently i continued a four-day trip having a 50-pound suitcase, and so i could clearly use a little help in el born area.

Fortunately, KonMari and luggage brand, Paravel, have collaborated to create us the Marie Kondo line of packing cubes which make summer packing very simple. Here we got the chance to talk with Marie concerning the collaboration, her summer packing tips (that will, you got it right, spark joy), as well as the hardest thing she's ever endured to spend, because we'd to know.

Sunday Edit: What exactly are your strategies for packing a carry-on?

Marie Kondo: My tip for packing any kind of luggage is to pack light, and bring only those items that you believe will spark joy on your travels. I personally use the KonMari packing method, meaning packing components of the suitcase standing up. This creates extra space and prevents wrinkles. The KonMari x Paravel Storage Cubes and Packing Cube Quad help organize items and permit you to see precisely what you've packed, making traveling much easier and joyful. I also always recommend traveling once with only the necessities which means you understand exactly what it is that you simply need, especially if you have a habit of overpacking.

SE: I always exhaust room for shoes and toiletries. How would you recommend packing these things?

MK: For individuals who travel often, I suggest keeping another toiletry designated for travel. This saves time that would otherwise be spent unpacking and repacking everyday-use items. Your travel toiletry should have products in smaller containers, in order to save space or use samples that you've been meaning to try. You can finally rely on them up. Safe, put all things in a waterproof pouch to prevent leaks. The pouch can be as simple like a plastic bag with a zipper, but I recommend selecting a design that sparks joy.

As for shoes, place socks in shoes, and every shoe in its own cloth shoe bag even better if the style of the shoe bag sparks joy.

SE: Do you organize your phone or travel documents in almost any specific way before traveling?

MK: All of us use our phones to take countless photos especially while traveling, but keeping all of them creates digital clutter. Whenever I take photos, I only keep the ones that spark joy and delete anything else to maintain a tidy phone at all times. Most of my documents, apart from my passport, are digital these days, so it’s essential to keep a charger nearby. I love to keep all my technology cords organized and tidy within my tidy tech kit for convenient access.

SE: I saw that you welcomed an infant boy in April. Congratulations! On that note, how do you recommend packing kids’ or baby luggage, plus all the gear they require?

MK: As with every packing, only bring the necessities which will spark joy during the trip. I usually think about the itinerary to see what items my kids will require through the trip that will spark joy. For children's luggage, I recommend getting a lightweight bag that has a smooth glide in order your son or daughter ages they are able to start to undertake some [of the] responsibility of transporting their goods. The KonMari packing method saves space for clothes and equipment, and also the KonMari x Paravel packing cubes create easy storage and organization for all your essentials.

SE: What is the certain packing mistake the thing is people making?

MK: Avoid packing your suitcase with too much stuff, this will wrinkle clothing and not fold what can be folded, as this will save space. I usually tell leave 10 to 20 percent of your suitcase empty in order to save space for souvenirs and also to prevent overpacking.

SE: Does the way you pack change depending on how you’re traveling? (by plane, car, etc.)?

MK: The method of travel typically doesn't change what I pack – I usually attempt to pack as light as you possibly can. After i fly, the only things I have beside me in-flight are lip balm, my laptop, and a cardigan. Whether by car or plane, I always bring my tidy travel folio, a crystal, and now the KonMari x Paravel packing cubes.

SE: Not packing-related but I’m so curious. What is the hardest thing you’ve had to spend?

MK: I've got a hard time letting go of my children's toys. They are doing create clutter, but it makes me smile to determine my daughters playing with them. I have found that giving up children's sentimental items is often the hardest, for myself yet others. One thing I'll always hold onto is the first Mother's Day Card from my daughters that has their handprints stamped inside.

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