Today you want to discuss in-person fashion showrooms: opportunities and challenges. Through an online store is essential in the current business landscape. It's one of the leading lessons business owners learned from the current economic situation, especially during the pandemic. Actually, firms that took advantage of eCommerce platforms in selling their products and services fared much better than others that stuck with the traditional methods. (1)

That's the reasons fashion designers now ponder whether an in-person showroom continues to be a good idea. It's a popular question in the fashion industry nowadays, especially among new designers who are either in a business turning point or still starting with their careers.

So, what's the magical answer to this popular question? The fact is that this will depend. That is because opening an in-person fashion showroom includes both pros and cons. Let us take a look below at the opportunities and challenges that in-person fashion showrooms present.

Opportunities in starting an-person fashion showroom

An in-person showroom presents the following opportunities:

  1. A personalized shopping experience

Despite all of the advancements it provides, shopping online still can't compete with the personalized experience that accompany a Paris showroom or fashion showrooms in almost any other location.

That's why a great number of people still prefer the old-fashioned method of shopping for clothing products. Of these shoppers, it's all about having a close interaction having a product and understanding its benefits and drawbacks before shelling money for this. In-person fashion showrooms present that sort of chance of consumers. Which means that people won't only read product and customer reviews online. Also, they'll reach walk up and down the store's aisles, pay attention to the showroom's background music for the day, and take the time to see the available items carefully.

Moreover, in-person fashion showrooms offer an immersive experience that online shopping just can't parallel. That is because eCommerce platforms only give a brief description of product. Having said that, customers can't use their senses like sight, touch, and even smell to actually feel a specific item's quality.

  1. Support for an existing eCommerce website

Having an eCommerce website does not mean it's not necessary to have an in-person fashion showroom anymore. The fact is that storefronts produce an excellent chance of brands to improve business awareness and reach.

It may need aggressive cross-channel marketing from you, but businesses complementing their fashion websites with showrooms can also enjoy significant increases in sales. (2)

  1. Quick product return process for customers

There's always the potential of a person having to return one of your products. However , returning an item bought online could be a headache for that seller and also the buyer. In fact, many shoppers agree that returning an item to an eCommerce store isn't as straightforward as purchasing it. (3)

With an in-person fashion showroom, you are able to offer a more simplistic return process. Shoppers will even possess the chance to discuss their returns verbally.

Challenges in running an in-person fashion showroom

There are challenges to having an in-person fashion showroom. They include:

  1. Paying the daily or monthly rent

An in-person fashion showroom allows designers to place their collections in front of their market, giving them the opportunity to create brand awareness and accelerate revenue growth. However, if you do not own the space, a typical showroom charges you you a daily or monthly rental fee.

So, think about this question: can you pay the rent not less than 6 months? Yes, 6 months. That is because a fashion showroom will need to educate its buyers and make them comfortable, like any new product, service, or brand introduction. And, you need six or more months for your to start seeing results.

  1. Searching for the perfect location

If you're thinking about opening a way showroom, it's essential to find a space where lots of people pass every day. Remember that fashion stores live mainly on passing customers because getting buyers outside where you are can be challenging and expensive.

Sure, the rent for a showroom in a mediocre location is lower. However, the cost of generating a sale will easily exceed it. Therefore, think about the location carefully.

  1. Having to follow the latest fashions constantly

The average life expectancy of favor products is 6 months. (4) Fashion products lose the majority of their value beyond that timeframe. That's why you always have to do your best to sell your fashion items as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

In-person an internet-based fashion shopping both of them are diverse experiences. This is exactly why it isn't really smart to compare them to each other. Having said that, there's no wrong or right method for your fashion business. Do you know what it is preferable? A balance between the two, where you let an in-person fashion showroom complement your fashion brand's website.


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