Tis the season to go somewhere with, and with Covid-19 safety regulations slowly lifting, there is no better time compared to give have a safe (and socially distant) journey to someplace fun. Before you decide to pack your bags and hit the road, remember that using the right items and a little imagination, you are able to turn the inside of your car into a soothing sanctuary that will change your entire trip.

Curious how you can help your car right into a zen space for the summer car journeys? From comfy seat upgrades to aromatherapy ideas and much more, these tips will make sure the drive is evenly as enjoyable because the destination.

  1. Assemble your travel kit essentials.

Having certain travel essentials on hand is key to creating both a zen car space and a worry-free journey. Start by investing (or assembling) a concise but comprehensive emergency first aid kit, which includes plenty of bandages, wound-prep pads, ibuprofen, and antibiotic ointment, such as the Emergency first aid kit at Welly.

You'll also want to be sure you get access to multi-purpose cleaning wipes, such as the Everspring Lavender & Bergamot Multi Surface Cleaning Wipes at Target, so that you can quickly cleanup surprise spill, in addition to hand sanitizing wipes, so you can wash both hands without having to locate the nearest restroom. You should also consider investing in a portable power bank, such as the NOCO GB40 at Amazon, that supplies enough juice to jumpstart your car and charge your devices in the event of emergency.

  1. Keep your vehicle interior organized.

Nothing crowds up a good space faster than unnecessary clutter, and that's why it's crucial to keep your car nice and tidy throughout your next journey. Fortunately, there's a slew of car-savvy organizational items, including mini trash cans designed to fit in your cup holder, seat gap canisters, and headrest hooks for hanging bags and coats, that will help streamline your vehicle space while ensuring your essentials are easy to find on-the-go.

  1. Consider some comfy seat upgrades.

A little seat cushioning can go a long way on the road trip. Take care to outfit your vehicle with plush seat covers made up of comfy fabrics, like this quilted linen style at Amazon, as well as tailbone-cradling padded seat cushions, such as the Simply Child car seat Cushion at Purple.

For passengers that plan on napping on the way, you cannot go wrong having a couple of travel-friendly car pillows, like the Ostrichpillow Travel Neck Pillow with Memory Foam at Food52 or even the Road Trip Pillow at Uncommon Goods. Use one on your headrest while driving for additional comfort and support, or keep one in the backseat for sleepy riders.

  1. Take advantage of trunk space.

Why waste valuable car space on sporadic journey staples when you can have them neatly organized within the trunk instead? Portable storage containers, like the Pop Up Trunk Organizers at Smart Design and the Collapsible Storage Bin and Trunk Caddy at Clever Made allow you to stash from groceries to hiking boots in a single succinct place, and fold right down to a small fraction of their original size when not in use.

  1. Employ some aromatherapy.

The right fragrance could make a big difference when you're traveling in car for some time distance. Luckily, a variety of high-end aromatherapy brands offer sleek and stylish car fragrance diffusers, including Diptyque, V”orda, and P.F. Candle Co.

If you prefer to keep your air in your car clean but fragrance-free, consider buying a portable air cleaner. The Eco Quest Smart Car Air cleaner was created with HEPA filtration and ionization, and boasts an optional aroma feature as well.

  1. Decorate the inside.

If you thought car decor was restricted to dangling air fresheners and furry controls covers then reconsider. Cute car and truck accessories, for example mini flower bud vases and handmade tassels that clip on your air vents, are surprisingly affordable and accessible at Etsy.

There's also a slew of tiny decor items that you can simply hang from your rearview mirror to instantly liven up within your vehicle. Consider a pint-sized macrame hanging planter or pretty stained glass charms to set an elegant tone for the road trip.

  1. Maps matter.

When outfitting your car for a relaxing road trip, its smart to become proactive about navigation. Bypass unnecessary stops to inquire about directions by purchasing a reliable GPS system with traffic alerts and built-in Bluetooth wireless technology, such as the Garmin DriveSmartTM 55 & Traffic, so you won't have to worry about getting lost along the way.

If you'd like to depend on your smartphone for directions, a simple cell phone mount, like the Swivel Dash Mount at Rok Form or the PopMount 2 Car Vent at PopSockets, could be a huge help. Not only do they be sure that your phone is always within arm's reach, they create it simpler to see where you're going without needing to take your eyes off the road.

  1. Don't forget Fido.

If you plan on bringing your pooch along for the ride, your car space should feel equally zen for them. Together with collapsible bowls for quick water and food fill-ups, consider obtaining a luxurious child car seat for your pet, like the Luxury High-Back Console Dog Child car seat at Keep Doggie Safe or the L.A. Dog Company Rider Turbo Car Seat at Animals Matter, to keep your pet calm and cozy (as well as your car seats clean and fuzz-free).

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