If you'd like to learn how to braid if you have layers you can check out this short article. Also know how to do side braid and french braid with layered hair. Take a look at braid hairstyles for layered hair too!

Look. Braiding hair is among the simplest ways to help keep it of your face. It's also a really practical hairstyle. 

Want an elegant look? Braid hair. Wish to keep it simple? Braid hair. Bad hair day? Braids to save the day!

But braiding hair may become very hard if you have a layered haircut.

The shorter layers keep protruding of the braids, passing on a messy look (and not the fashionable kind!). 

It's also hard to gather your hair together to make the braids as the shorter hair layers keep slipping from your grasp. 

So how can you braid your hair when you have a layered haircut? Well, I have a few tips which will make things simpler. 

I also have a guide ready that may help you do a French braid and a side braid if you have layered hair. So continue reading!

How To Braid When You Have Layers

Tips Regarding how to Braid Hair If you have Layers

If you're looking to braid your layered hair then to some degree you'll have to cope with the shorter layers of the hair poking out. 

I personally don't mind a messy style braid, however certain occasions call for a neater hairstyle. And there's a possibility of your braids coming undone due to these flyaways. 

So here's how you can braid hair if you have layers. Follow these 3 simple tips to be sure that your braids look great even though you have medium to short hair layers.

Curl the ends of the layers

If your hair is straight the ends of the shorter layers will poke out of the braids. But if you curl these ends, you'll be able to tuck them inside your hairstyle more easily. And it also looks more stylish and almost deliberate.

Choose a braid that suits your layers

If you have layers then select a braided hairstyle that will begin with above your shortest section. 

For example, if you have layered hair using the shortest section being an inch or two above your shoulder, you need to choose braids that begin with the nape of your or more. 

So Dutch braids or French braids that both begin with the top your head make the perfect idea. While a fishtail braid continues to be possible with layers, there is a greater chance your layers will stick out.

Tuck the looser ends with a hair pin or clip

Use a bobby pin to tuck these loose flyaways within your braids and add in some hairspray to keep them in place. 

You can even add decorative snap clips or barrettes towards the shorter sections of hair in front and pin it to the sides of your head. 

Doing so will actually supplment your whole look instead of ruining the braided hairstyle.

How To execute a Side Braid With Layered Hair

If you want to create a side braid with layered hair just follow these steps.

Step 1: Then add texturizing spray to hair or perhaps a dry shampoo to help make the braids hold better. 

Step 2: Brush out any knots in your hair and part it for the side where you would like your braid to go.

Step 3: If you have really short hair sections right in front, you can leave them untouched. If not, you can begin off with braiding hair by pulling all the remaining strands aside.

Step 4: Braid your hair while you would do normally. Only here, pin the ends of the shorter hair sections that poke out to the braid as you go.

Step 5: Braid the entirety of your hair and then tie them back the end with a hair tie or ribbon. You may also give a little hairspray to make sure along side it braid does not get messy.

How To Do French Braids With Layers

In my estimation, a French braid may be the easiest hairstyle to produce for those who have layered hair. As French braids usually start off in the top of your scalp this means that the shortest layers of hair enter into the braids’ grasp. 

Here's how you can do French braids for those who have layered hair:

Step 1: You can begin off with the addition of some texturizing spray to help shorter layers hold better and then dividing hair into three sections at the front. 

Step 2: Start braiding your hair by crossing the sections over one another. Continuing in the same pattern, start adding other sections of hair in the sides and braid them in too.

Step 4: Complete the braid and tie them back having a hair tie. Then add hairspray to avoid your braids from becoming messy.

Braid Hairstyles For Layered Hair

Here are some other braids hairstyles you may create for those who have layered hair:

Side Braid with Ponytail

Dutch Braids

Crown Braids

Messy Fishtail Braid

Messy Side Braids

FAQs about Braiding Layered Hair

Can you'll still braid hair with layers?

Of course, you can still braid hair if you have layers. However, the problem is that the shorter layers will stand out out of your braided hairstyles passing on a cluttered, unattractive look. You can manage this little hiccup by either pinning up the shorter layers or braiding them separately.

How do you hide your hair protruding of braids?

If you need to hide the shorter sections of your layered hair from sticking out of the braids, the easiest solution is to utilize a bobby pin to tuck it in neatly. Use a bobby pin that matches the color of your hair to make it look inconspicuous.
There are other types of hair clips like smaller snap clips or hair pins you can use to hide the front section of hair within the braid.

Can you need to do a fishtail braid with layered hair?

Yes it's completely easy to obtain a fishtail braid with layered hair. A possible problem with creating any kind of braid with layered hair is the smaller sections poke out. But you can avoid this in your fishtail braid by utilizing bobby pins to tuck away these flyaway hair strands.
You may also choose to allow the sections poke out and provide your hairstyle a spritz of high hold hairspray. This helps your hair have that deliberately messy look while making sure these strands don't fall in your face or help make your braids come undone.

Final Thoughts on How you can Braid If you have Layers

Braids are very versatile. And they are great for those who have a lazy or a bad hair day. However the process of braiding hair can get difficult if you have layered haircuts. 

The shorter layers slip in the braids and make up a mess in your head. These flyaways can be very hard to tame. 

So the simplest way to deal with layers would be to simply pin up the shorter layers using hair clips or pins. 

Or you can even try curling the ends of the layers to prevent them from protruding within an unseemly manner. Curled ends look deliberate and stylish.

The last resort to deal with braiding layered locks are to merely choose styles which are suitable for your haircut. 

A crown braid in which you obtain the shorter layers out of the way, a half up half down hairstyle where you only braid the front layers, etc. are some methods for you to match your braids for your layered haircut.

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