Check out this short article to understand how to use hair chalk. The temporary hair chalk is ideal for kids since it's free of harsh chemical dyes.

I love coloring my hair but the frequent hair dye can be quite damaging to your tresses. This is also true if you have black or black colored hair.

There's not a way you may enjoy bright hair colors like pink, blue, or perhaps blondes without bleaching hair. And we all know how bleach can ravage hair!

So is there a solution? Yup, just use hair chalk! 

It's the easiest way to obtain temporary hair color.

Hair chalk is a strong pigmented dye-like substance that doesn't penetrate the cuticles of the hair like regular hair dye does.

Instead it forms a coating over hair strands giving them a new color.

Most hair chalks are not only “chalks”. They can be either hair coloring pens (that work similar to markers), hair coloring combs or even sprays. 

But the science behind all these goods are exactly the same. You simply need to press on them your hair strands. And voila! They're colored within the shade you want. 

One thing you must know about hair chalks however is they are temporary hair colors. And I don't even mean Splat or Manic Panic-level of temporary.

A little rain or sweat and these hair chalks can bleed. So be very careful where and when you are using these items.

How To make use of Hair Chalk 2022

Using hair coloring chalks is very simple and easy , perhaps they are so popular despite their short-lived formula. Here's how you can use various kinds of hair chalk products to paint hair.

How To Use Hair Chalk Sticks

Hair chalk seems nothing not the same as regular chalk but trust me it's not the same thing. These products are highly pigmented which means you can't substitute them for something found in a kindergarten or nursery. Do not attempt it! 

To use hair chalks on your hair you can adopt these measures:

Step 1: Make certain locks are washed and slightly damp before you start using hair chalks as the wetness can help pigment from the chalk “stick” better on your hair.

Step 2: Take the chalk stick and rub it over the portion of hair you want colored. Go all the way from the root to the tip of the hair, twisting the hair into itself as you move.

Step 3: Dry the newly-colored hair section having a blow dryer to allow the colour sink in.

Step 4: Apply a dash of leave-in conditioner (preferably one with silicones) or spritz on some hairspray to seal the colour on hair, which makes it hard to transfer onto skin or clothes.

How To make use of Hair Chalk Comb

The simplest way to use hair chalk is to buy a hair chalk comb. However keep in mind that hair chalk covers a great deal thicker section of hair than traditional chalk sticks or even pens or liquids.

But if you want to give your hair the “dip dye” effect or are thinking about creating longer hair highlights, these hair chalk combs are the easiest ones to use.

To use hair chalk combs you need to follow these three steps:

Step 1: Wet hair just a little to help your hair chalk stick better

Step 2: Contain the comb inside your hair and brush using your hair as you would every other time

Step 3: Dry your hair having a blow dryer to close within the color and use hair spray afterwards if required to “set” the colour.

How To make use of Liquid Hair Chalk Pens

Liquid hair chalk looks and feels much like a liquid lipstick or colored gloss. While there is a higher chance of you staining your clothes, I'd suggest wearing something old while applying liquid hair chalk. 

You can also drape a towel over your shoulders during the application process.

I also begin with freshly shampooed and slightly damp hair because the hair chalk sticks better as well as because you have to use a blow dryer at the end. 

Another advantage of starting off with shampooed hair is that you will get more time between application of hair chalk as well as your next shampoo session. So color won't get washed off sooner.

A liquid hair chalk usually posseses an applicator brush. This can be used brush to color the parts of hair from root to tip.

Like with every other chalk, dry hair having a blow dryer to seal the colour in. You may also add in some leave-in conditioner to help keep hair chalk color from bleeding or transferring for your clothes. 

Unlike hair chalk sticks or even combs, some liquid chalk formulas tend to keep going longer. So these might color hair for 7-10 days (yes, despite you wash your hair).

How Long Does Hair Chalk Last

Hair chalk can last anywhere from 1-3 days depending on the excellence of the hair chalk you use and whether you wash your hair or otherwise.

If you decide to forego washing for 2 days you can preserve your hair color from fading making it last longer. Applying a silicone-based leave-in conditioner that forms a coating on hair or a hairspray will also help extend the life from the hair chalk.

Tips For implementing Hair Chalk For Better Results

  • Wear old clothes or a towel around your neck to prevent skin or clothes from getting stained in the chalk.
  • Start off with damp hair to help the colour pigment from hair stick better
  • If you have blonde hair you'll be able to leave hair dry before using hair chalk.
  • If you can't wet hair, try spraying on some dry shampoo within the hair section before using chalk. This will give you best texture.
  • A leave-in conditioner or serum with silicones can form a coating on hair so that you can use these to “lock” the hair chalk color in. It will likewise give you the bonus of shiny, smooth hair
  • It's easier to create your hairstyle after which use hair chalk as you can easily find out what sections or areas of hair you need to color.
  • Chalk is absorbent, so it can remove moisture from hair. Use a deep conditioning mask or hair oil after you have used hair chalk to help keep hair healthy
  • Wear a bonnet or use a protective towel over your pillowcases if you're leaving hair chalk overnight.

FAQs on How To Use Hair Chalk

Does hair chalk damage your hair?

Hair chalk is quite literally colored chalk sometimes. It will not damage your hair in any way as it doesn't contain ingredients like ammonia or peroxide present in regular dyes. A hair chalk just deposits color in your hair and could be washed off with water and shampoo.

How do you use hair chalk on brown hair?

You use hair chalk on brown hair similar to the way you would use it on any other color of hair. Press the chalk towards the portion of hair that needs to be colored and drag it till you cover your hair section completely. You do not need to bleach or lighten brown hair to some blonde beforehand as hair chalks simply deposit color and not penetrate your hair.

Does hair chalk have chemicals?

Yes. Like every other hair coloring product hair chalk too has some types of chemicals including pigments, dyes, perfumes, preservatives and much more. However, it's free of more harmful components like ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, PPD, parabens, etc. It's very unlikely that hair chalk will damage hair. However there is a chance you may be allergic to one or more substances in it so please do an area test before using.

Final Thoughts On Using Hair Chalk 

Hair chalk can come in many different forms like combs, sprays, sticks and literal chalks. But the formula behind these hair coloring agents is identical. 

These hair coloring products temporarily color strands by coating them with pigment. 

Despite being very temporary and washable, hair chalks are common as they're super easy to make use of.

To begin using these hair chalk products all you have to do is press them onto the section of hair requiring color and letting the pigment transfer for your tresses.

If you use a hair chalk comb, it's a simple matter of brushing your hair as if you would any other time.  

A hair chalk is, for me, ideal if you would like funky hair colors like pink or electric blue on your dark/black hair and don't want to bleach it.

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