Learn how to tell if your hair has product buildup, what can cause product buildup in hair and the way to remove buildup from hair.

Have you noticed your hair feeling dull and limp, while it also offers become excessively frizzy recently and wondered why?

Well, what if I said you have be a victim towards the problem of product buildup in your hair.

Yup your scalp issues could be due to the various styling products you have been using over the months like setting sprays, hair serums, pomade, moisturizing creams, etc. etc. all of which have remaining behind residue around the scalp. 

This residue results in product buildup formation around the scalp and hair making your hair feel so lifeless and dry with time.

What is product buildup? Could it be the same as dandruff? Is it harmful to the hair? How's it caused? 

Can I get rid of it? Now i am sure these questions have been in the mind of many and listed here are all of the answers you'll need!

What exactly is product buildup?

Product buildup would be the layers of residue left out from hairstyling products like gels, creams, sprays, cleansers etc that choose the hair and scalp.

Most hair styling products contain ingredients like silicones, wax, mineral oils etc that makes the hair look smooth and shiny. 

But although it adds a sheen to the hair, these products also keep to the hair and shine and adding up with every application they do not get washed off easily.

That is why over time, these items increase the risk for accumulation of product buildup making your hair feel dry and lifeless while making the scalp feels greasy.

How to inform in case your hair has product buildup

Apart from getting gunk stuck in your fingernails or seeing while blobs inside your parting, there are lots of other signs that will tell you that hair has was a victim of product buildup. Here are some of these:

Your hair feels less voluminous

Well, when your hair strands get overwhelmed by all the kept in layers of residue and buildup, it loses its lustre and shine, making the hair stand greasy and limp. 

At this point, there isn't much that you can do to recover its volume unless you completely eliminate the excess buildup.

Lack of moisture and dry hair

Like I've mentioned earlier within the article, hair that contains product buildup will not allow conditioners, serums and moisturizers to penetrate in to the hair strand.

Therefore, the hair won't be able to obtain the necessary moisturizing it takes.

You will start to shampoo your hair more often

Once your hair contains excessive buildup, hair will feel greasy quickly within a day or a couple of a hair wash.  You won't ever feel like your hair is completely clean.

 Your good hair days are limited

Hair with product buildup can make it tougher for you to definitely style your hair.  As well as if you have probably were able to style it, you will realize that the design and style won't stay or hold in position for some time.

You may develop scalp conditions 

While your hair may go through dry and rough, your scalp will feel sticky and greasy. This may also increase the risk for development of dandruff, scalp conditions, redness or soreness.

How to eliminate product buildup?

Some the best way to get rid of product buildup in the scalp and hair is using the following methods 

1. Using hair clarifiers or clarifying shampoos

Well, clarifying shampoos are known to be probably the most effective methods to get eliminate product buildup and cleansing the scalp completely. 

Clarifying shampoos be capable of cut through the layers from the buildup in order to detoxify your hair. That's how strong and efficient they are for that hair.

While these shampoos can do the very best job of getting eliminate the buildup, they are able to also damage hair at the same time as they possibly can be harsh around the hair.

Such shampoos contain harsh chemicals like SLES and SLS that may damage your hair by stripping your hair off its moisture and  making the hair become weak and brittle.

So clarifying shampoos can't be utilized on regularly and should be restricted to only use once in a while month to once in forty-five days.

Using a clarifying shampoo on your scalp and then over the hair is advisable, while also deep conditioning hair after its use, to regain the lost moisture and moisturize hair.

2. Washing your hair with micellar water

Like I've mentioned earlier, using a clarifying shampoo on a regular basis can damage hair beyond repair and for that reason, it is not better to utilize it too often.

Well, obviously there are more methods you could also use to get rid of product buildup and this one's using something called 'micellar water'. The name may be new to many, I'm sure, so this is what it is.

Micellar water is really a product accustomed to help eliminate product buildup, just like clarifying shampoos, but use micellars instead of harsh chemicals to eliminate the buildup. 

Since micellar water doesn't contain harsh chemicals, it can be used regularly, even up to once every week. It will help cleanse hair and scalp as well as nourish it simultaneously.

3. Use home cleansing hacks like baking soda and apple cider vinegar

Well, I'm sure there are several individuals guys available who look for simple home hacks to solve much of your problems and guess what, we have you covered!

Here are a few effective home hacks you can test, to get rid of product buildup out of your hair:

Baking soda: Dissolve 1/2 tablespoon of baking soda in half a cup of tepid to warm water and rinse your hair with this mixture after hair continues to be shampooed and washed, before conditioning your hair. Sodium bicarbonate has properties of mild abrasion and can help unwind and get rid of product buildup.

Apple cider vinegar: Rinse your hair having a mixture of 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar treatment with half just one cup. Since apple cider vinegar treatment is acetic, it can benefit get rid of product buildup.

Lemon juice: Mix 1 1/2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice in 1 1/2 cups of water and rinse hair with this particular mixture after you've shampooed hair. Let it rest on for just two to three minutes before rinsing off. Then, condition hair. Lemon juice may not completely get rid of the buildup, however it can help revive your hair damaged because of excessive product buildup.

Homemade scalp scrubs: Scalp scrubs help exfoliate the hair and for that reason mixing cane sugar (or semi-granulated sugar) or perhaps argument with any oil of your choice to make a paste to use as your scalp scrub can help get rid of the product buildup.

What causes scalp product buildup?

Hair styling products contain substances like mineral oils, silicones and polymers. These substances are responsible for giving the hair a shine and holding a hairstyle in position. 

The problem with substances like these are that they don't wash off easily with regular shampoos but rather result in the accumulation on the hair and scalp causing this product buildup.

Why is product buildup often wrongly identified as dandruff?

Product buildup can often be wrongly identified as dandruff on the hair and that is due to the way it looks. 

Small white flakes or spots that stick to each hair strand, which sometimes causes it to be seem like a skinny film since the hair strand (but it is not usually visible to the human eye alone).

I'm you've felt a greasy feeling when you have touched hair soon after days of not having washed it or got a little gunk stuck inside your fingernails when you have run your fingers using your hair. 

Is product buildup harmful for the hair?

Yes, obviously! It most definitely can be harmful to your hair and can also hinder your hair growth. 

One from the main problems of product build up may be the clogging from the follicles of hair around the scalp, apart from causing scalp irritation, dandruff formation, scalp conditions, itching and redness.

When this product buildup clogs the hair follicles, the standard hair growth process gets hindered. 

This product buildup can also allow it to be an unfit environment for that hair to develop and may result in hair loss over time. Or it may even lead to improper or no hair regrowth as well.

Another problem individuals with product buildup within their hair can face is the hair becoming dry, frizzy and having split ends.

This is due to the residue forming layers over the scalp that do not wash off easily.

So the conditioners we use to moisturize your hair don't penetrate into the hair strand which helps make the hair become dry, brittle, rough and of course, prone to damage and breakage.

The final takeaway

Well, I hope this article gave all of you the answers you've been looking for regarding getting rid of product buildup out of your scalp and hair.

I'd definitely suggest trying out the home hacks before going in for the others and that i we do hope you can soon say goodbye to product buildup!

For anyone who has scalp conditions due to the buildup, it is important to consult a doctor in order to get professionally treated.

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