If you want to learn to grow low porosity hair and just what are some top low porosity hair products you should use, take a look article out for a top-notch low porosity hair routine.

If you've low porosity hair, you may be one of those people who stay frustrated his or her hair never appears to grow. 

Well, the truth is your hair is actually growing, but there are some reasons that may obstruct your hair from actually growing; for instance, hair has a slower rate of growth or perhaps your shafts break before growing long. 

The answer to getting hair regrowth would be to make sure that your hair is healthy and strong at both the ends and roots. So, if your hair, too, seems to never grow, you might have low porosity hair. 

If so, then you are in here for a goody. I will try my best to help you with your low porosity hair regrowth. 

What is Hair Porosity? 

So, before we move on to the real dig, here's something that might help you understand why After all hair porosity this seriously. 

Basically, air porosity is really a term that refers back to the ability of the hair to retain and absorb moisture. This capability to absorb faster or slower moisture along with other things depends on your cuticles. 

For people who are not aware, a cuticle may be the layer of your hair shaft that's at the outermost. So, if you have low porosity hair, your cuticles are simply too close to one another, which makes penetration of hair products tougher. 

At the same time, it will likely be the exact opposite when it comes to high porosity hair. 

How To develop Your Low Porosity Hair 2022

Unlock Moisture From Your Low Porosity Hair

Moisturizing hair is among the vital things you can do for low porosity hair. For me personally, it is like a pious ritual that you need to do no appear. 

To strengthen the strands, its internal structure uses water, together with it also helps make the hair soft and prevents breakage. Also, if you are going to speak about the hair's own moisture, well, it's not enough for the strands to maintain hydration. 

So, for the reason that of that that your hair grows but never grows long because it is becoming breakage prone. Here are some simple and clear ways to help it to hydrate;

  • Add conditioners in your hair care schedule, and not just any but deep conditioners; it can help condition your hair as, during showers, the cuticles are often open. 

  • The the next thing that can be done is an effective and lightweight oil. For instance, take argan oil or rapeseed oil so that its smaller molecules would be able to cope with your strands. In addition, it will also help you secure moisture. 

  • The third thing that you can do is use steam. So, so how exactly does it help? Basically, steam has water molecules in the form of vapor, which will come as an advantage to us in penetrating the shafts, as opposed to the liquid form molecules. 

Lock Hydration Inside Using The LOC Method

One from the different ways to keep your low porosity hair hydrated is to use the LOC method. The LOC means Liquid, Oil, and Cream. 

While your strands continue to be damp, apply oil for them. If you ask why it is because water hydrates your hair, and oil helps in locking that hydration in your strands. But don't forget to use lightweight oil.  

Following that, you'd continue for the C within the routine, which stands for cream, to close your cuticles and latch in the hydration for any good and very long time. In addition, the cream will also help you hold your hairstyle how you want it to. 

Adding this LOC method to hair care routine can help hair gain elasticity together with moisture, so you'll have the ability to call at your low porosity hair growing. You're going to get on the way of long and healthier hair. 

Clear Build-up From Hair Strands For Better Absorption 

One from the vital things to do would be to clean hair at a regular interval of your time to see the visible growth difference. As the low porosity hair leaves virtually no opportunity for the hair products to enter, there's a loftier possibility that you might get build-ups often. 

So, this build-up will obviously block your follicles, leading to blocking hair from growing. The best way to avoid this from occurring is by using cleansing or clarifying shampoos which help in clearing the build-up and preventing it from happening further.

A clear scalp that really feels fresh and can help you with your low porosity issue. 

Do Not Use Too Many Of the Protein Products

So, the following on the list is saving your hair from excessive protein. People often think that if it's great for high porosity hair, it is going to do wonders on low porosity one too. 

The reality check- low porosity is highly sensitive to protein. 

Don't use protein all too often and keep the quantity in check, and you may also dilute the product before utilizing it in your shafts. 

Protect Low Porosity Hair While You Sleep

Another thing that usually goes unnoticed may be the constant tossing and flipping off your hair in sleep. It can actually cause obstruction in the growth. Adding to that, cotton pillow covers carry exactly the same possibility to damage hair. 

Cotton covers not just lower the growth process by looking into making your hair rough but also take the moisture away. 

So, what you can instead do is tie up your hair well and use silk covers for the pillows. You may also choose satin covers, as both of these clothing materials prevent damage and do not steal moisture. 

So, it's another simple and easy way that you have to switch to to be able to help your strands in its transition, that shows. 

Look Out For Issues Like Frizz and Dry Scalp

The last way through which you are able to grow your low porosity hair is to know that does not everything is going to work for your hair, because it has different needs and it responds to the products in the own way. I mean, I'm allergic to a few typical ingredients that my friends are totally fine with. 

So, to develop your low porosity hair listen to your issues what sort of problems your strands constantly face. If it's frizzy and dry, focus mainly on hydrating it and locking in the moisture. 

If hair looks dull and lifeless, result in the supplements your priority, focus on vitamins that support hair growth.

 Or, in case your scalp and roots feel heavy and never fresh, focus on clarifying all of them with a good cleansing shampoo which will suit you. 

Basically, you need to put effort in to the issues that are really obstructing hair growth, work on those specific areas, and see your hair actually healthy and growing. 

How To see if Your Hair is Low Porosity or Not?

The initial step that's absolutely important for you to definitely look after hair would be to understand it. Because if you've low porosity hair, our prime porosity hair products are not going to provide you with any good results, and the other way around. So, yes, know your hair, know its porosity. 

So, if you're unclear about your hair type you've, here's an easy way to locate it quickly. 

If hair sinks inside a minute, you have the issue of high porosity inside your hair, and therefore your strands are damaged and porous. 

On another hand, if your hair doesn't sink and it is floating despite one minute, you've low porosity hair. This simply means that the hair cuticles are packed tightly together and are not allowing the hair to penetrate or go through. 

Some other common ways to observe would be to observe if

  • Your hair has product build-up.
  • Your hair looks dull and feels rough. 
  • Dandruff, flakiness, and itchy scalp are recurring issues for you personally. 
  • Your hair takes longer than usual to get wet, and drying is a lengthy process too.
  • Not only hair doesn't have volume, but it lacks shines too. 
  • Your hair has brittle ends and breaks often.

Wrapping Up on Caring and Growing Low Porosity Hair 

So, wrapping up, all I must have to say is hair regrowth is only possible if your hair is healthy, and by healthy, I mean hydrated, undamaged, and powerful too. 

But if you have low porosity hair, it is going to be difficult for you to ensure that it stays hydrated, and when damaged, it is even tougher to bolster because the products won't be able to penetrate. 

That's why handling your hair becomes vital, and I am hoping these pointers will be to assist you in an excellent value in doing exactly the same. 

Till then, keep making healthy and positive choices for you and your hair. 

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