Learn much more about how you can dye black hair into dark green without bleach and taking advantage of bleach. Also take a look at tips to make your dark green hair dye pop!

Alright, it's 2022, and it's time we leave behind browns and blondes behind and obtain into something more edgy!

I usually have desired to check out “unconventional” hair dyes like green or electric blue. But because I have dark black hair, I wondered if this being possible.

But then I found a way to dye my black hair a sophisticated yet rare forest green color.

I used bleach to lighten my hair but soon determined that I need not lighten my hair a great deal as green color doesn't need a pure white or platinum base.

But if you're still concerned about hair damage, I've also listed out some bleach-free methods of dyeing your hair green. 

How To Dye Black Hair Into Dark Green

If you want a more permanent dark green shade on your black hair, you will have not one other option than to bleach it. 

Pick the best Shade of A benefit to Your Black Hair

I personally picked out a shade of forest a benefit to my hair which seems more muted and deep than say an exciting emerald green.

If you're using a shade that's more “out there” you may have to bleach your hair more (to a lighter level). 

So choose your hair color wisely. 

If you don't want to bleach your hair a lot of times, I would recommend using a blue dye having a green base. 

Bleaching black hair to 1 or two levels will leave it brassy and coppery in shade. This “reddishness” will get neutralized through the blue pigments within the dye, abandoning a deep, muted green tone.

Bleach Hair Using A Volume 20 or 30 Developer

If you're bleaching hair using the suggestion I gave above, you should need only a 20 volume or 30 volume developer.

Even if you are going a lighter shade, some hairstylists prefer you use 20 volume developer and bleach hair in 2-3 sittings instead of using a 40 or 50 volume developer in one go. 

The shade of hair color you select is essential in determining the number of levels you need to lift your hair to presenting the bleach.

Tone Your Bleach Hair If Necessary

If you want a vibrant emerald or lime green hair color shade I suggest starting off having a platinum or white hair base to make the color “pop”. So this means you'll have to use a hair toner to remove any brassy or yellow tones from your hair.

But if you're taking a muted dark green, toning isn't necessary. All you need to do is choose a green hair dye with some blue base to it that may neutralize redness while you dye it. 

Apply Saving money Hair Dye on Bleached Hair

After you’ve got your bleached hair ready, you're ready to use the dark green hair dye for your tresses.

I usually section off my hair to make application easier. 

You can wash off dye according to the instructions on the leaflet. Usually it should take between 20-30 minutes to penetrate the hair cuticle. 

Use A Conditioning Mask To safeguard Hair 

This is a step that most people skip while dyeing their hair, but I think it is necessary for nourish hair after a dye session, particularly if bleach is involved.

Bleaching hair can weaken its molecular structure and damage hair integrity. As well as probably the most mild of hair dyes cannot promise to complete zero damage to hair.

So I often use a protein hair mask to condition and moisturize hair to avoid dehydration, frizz and hair fall. 

Pro Tip: If you do not desire to use bleach but still want a more “permanent” dark green hair dye, you should attempt a higher lift dye. These do not contain bleach but use higher concentrations of ammonia plus a strong developer to strip hair natural hair color pigment while dyeing hair simultaneously. These dyes are not completely damage-safe, but they're still better for hair than bleach.

How To Dye Black Hair Green Without Bleaching

If you have “virgin” hair or hair that has never been colored, bleached or chemically altered before, it's much safer to use bleach to get green hair.

However, on hair like mine which has been through silk presses, keratin treatments, and various bleach and dye sessions is more vulnerable and prone to damage.

So if you want to turn your black hair into dark green but don't want to risk the damage from bleach you will find alternate options for you.

Just remember they are temporary solutions and can come off in 1-2 shampoo sessions.

Use A sprig On Green Hair Color

Hair dyes work by utilizing certain chemicals to spread out your hair cuticles and penetrating the dye pigments into the cuticles changing the color.

But certain dyes simply deposit the colour around the strands rather than filling it in to the cuticles. They are called “Color-depositing products” and can be either in the type of conditioners, foams, or sprays.

Use Green Hair Chalk 

Hair color chalks focus on exactly the same principle like a color depositing spray. They simply add dye pigment to your outer layer of hair.

The good thing about hair chalks is you can use them in minutes to obtain a new hair color. The bad news is that they are very very temporary. 

If you utilize a low-quality product or venture out during a hot day, the color might run off due to sweat. 

I've also realized that they leave residue on your hands, clothes, etc.

So hugging someone might be awkward a high level hair color chalk, especially if they are wearing white.

Use Color Depositing Conditioners/Temporary Dyes

There are some color depositing conditioners that at once moisturize hair and add tint into it. You can try green dyes from brands such as Keracolor or Overtone. 

But the result of these kinds of dyes is not drastic. It might take a couple weeks of regular usage until you see a noticeable difference. 

And even so, the dark green will only appear as a base shade on black hair and never look very bright. 

FAQs on How To Dye Black Hair Into Green

Do you have to bleach black hair to dye green?

If you would like the green dye to show up as anything other than a base tint then yes, you'll need to bleach hair using developers to at least one or two levels.

How light does hair have to be to dye it green?

It depends on the type of green dye shade you're selecting. If you want a muted green like forest green or olive green then bleaching black hair to level One or two is sufficient.
But if you want a brighter shade like emerald, lime green or jade, you'll need a white/platinum base. So you will need to bleach black hair to level 5-6 in this case.

What cancels out green in hair color?

If you're tired of your green hair or have gone overboard using the green dye and wish to tone it down a bit you should attempt red hair color. Red tones cancel out green because they are opposites on the color wheel. To remove green tones out of your hair use a red hair dye that does not have hydrogen peroxide in it.

Does green dye show up on brown hair without bleach?

Yes with no. If you're utilizing a regular dark green hair dye, you might just see a light undertone of green under your brown hair. However, one depositing shampoo or hair chalk can be used to give brown hair an environmentally friendly shade without bleaching. But be warned that this is a temporary solution.

Regular green hair dyes might not emerge well on dark or black hair and just. So some quantity of bleaching is essential to help make the color stand out.

However, you do not need to bleach your hair to some level Five to six to dye it dark green. 

It's also alright if you have reddish or brassy tones in your bleached hair as green cancels out red tones. 

So you can simply bleach hair to level Two or three before applying green hair dye. 

Or for convenience, you can use a “high-lift” hair dye that comes with a volume 20 or volume 30 developer that can dye and lighten your hair in a single application.

However, if you are completely against adding bleach or peroxide to your tresses, you should attempt color-depositing dyes.

These dyes deposit green hair color over hair strands and do not penetrate the cuticles.

Such dyes could be either color-depositing conditioners, foams, spray-on dyes or perhaps chalks.

I like with them if my hair feels really damaged and not up for any dye session. But you need to be careful because these dyes can get washed off easily and can also stain your surroundings or skin.

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