Learn how often can you use Nair and it is it safe to use on pubic hair. Also take a look at if you can use Nair after shaving and on the face.

I'm sure that there are so many people out there who are super thankful to Nair laser hair removal cream. 

It saves us a lot time, rather than waxing and of course never to forget how painlessly it gets rid of all the hair, making your skin feel totally smooth and soft!

But how frequently can you use Nair? Well, while there are many pros to presenting Nair, I'm sure there are plenty of unanswered questions regarding the product and you know what, this article has got you covered!

So check out below, everything you need to know about Nair!

What are depilatory creams?

I'm sure that many of you've heard of brands like Nair, Veet, Everteen, Organo Gold, Nads etc which are commonly used depilatory creams.

Depilatory creams are those used for the objective of painless laser hair removal. 

Most of those laser hair removal creams contain an acid called thioglycolic acid, since it's main ingredient, along with other things that are used to break the hair bonds and weaken your hair strand.

When this cream is used on the skin, within a few minutes, the hair strand is diminished and then it may be cancelled, thereby painlessly taking out the hair.

These creams are often used as a painless laser hair removal option to waxing and sugaring. It can be achieved both at home and is a shorter period consuming.

How Often Can You Use Nair

What is Nair?

Nair is among the most famous and commonly used brands of hair removal creams which are simple to use in your own home. 

It is another depilatory cream and activly works to painlessly remove hair. It functions by breaking down the keratin within the hair strand, lowering the strength from the hair strand and weakening it to really make it simple to disappear.

Nair is a that not has only hair removal creams for men and women, but additionally has other different types of products like waxing and bleaching products as well.

Whatever you need to do, do not use Nair like this!


How often do you need Nair laser hair removal cream?

Once you have used Nair, our recommendation is that you have a gap with a minimum of Three or four days before using it on the same section of skin again.

This gap is important because Nair, much like other depilatory creams, have chemicals in them which are used to break the keratin bonds in the hair strands to weaken them in order for them to dissolve and painlessly take away the hair by wiping it off.

Therefore, the space of 3 to 4 days is meant to allow the skin subside before the next application, so as to avoid any kind of skin reaction.

While I'd recommend doing a patch test of Nair over a small portion of your skin, before complete application, any time you make use of the product (because our body is vulnerable to constant changes), those who are using Nair the very first time should make sure to patch test before utilizing it all around the skin.

How would you use Nair?

Step 1: Prep your skin for that hair removal

Exfoliate the skin

Skin exfoliation before using Nair is always recommended (and do this at least a day before using Nair). Exfoliation of the skin is usually recommended because the skin contains dead skin cells, grime and dirt that block your hair follicles. So exfoliation will help unclog the blocked follicles.

Check to determine for abrasions on the skin

It is essential to check for skin abrasions or bruises, because Nair contains chemicals that induce the existing wounds to get sore and additional inflamed.

In case you have any bruises, don't use Nair until it has healed completely.

Step 2: Make sure to patch test

Patch testing of any product onto the skin is extremely important and this should be done every time you use any product.

So all you need to do is, on the day before using Nair, on the small area of the area you will take away the hair, apply some Nair and test to determine whether it causes any skin irritation during application and after the hair has been removed as well. If it does not, you should use Nair the very next day.

Step 3: Using Nair around the skin

Clean the region you will take away the hair

Make sure to wash the region you will take away the hair from properly with water and pat dry it until completely dry.

Read the instructions properly

Make sure to read the instructions around the product box very carefully prior to starting the application process.

Apply the Nair cream around the section of hair removal

Take an adequate quantity of Nair laser hair removal cream in your palm and gently apply it inside a generous layer over the hair and leave it on for 3 minutes.

Once 3 minutes happen to be completed, gently wipe from the cream utilizing a damp cloth in a small area to check whether the hair comes off completely. If yes, you can continue the removal process. If not, let it rest on for an additional couple of minutes.

Wash the skin under running water

Once your hair continues to be removed completely, wash your skin with lukewarm flowing water and then pat dry it with a towel.

Please Note: For people with longer and thicker hair regrowth, you'll have to keep your cream for over 3 minutes.

Caution: Don't leave the Nair laser hair removal cream on for more than Ten minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Nair:

Is it dependable Nair around the genital areas?

Yes, Nair can be used on your genital areas. But since the skin close to the genital areas is extremely sensitive, make sure to make use of the Nair specifically meant for the hair removal close to the private parts. For those who have any abrasions near the genital area, then don't use Nair before the wound has healed completely. Also, don't use Nair on fully grown hair close to the genital area; make sure to trim it before using the Nair.

How is shaving different from using Nair?

Nair is a hair removal cream. Therefore it weakens the hair strand after which removes it. So when the hair is taken away using Nair, it is removed a little below the skin's surface (although not from the root, like using wax for laser hair removal). This provides your skin an even feeling when touched.
Shaving removes the hair utilizing a razor blade, right from the skin's surface, leaving the hair with a sharp edge. When the hair begins to re-grow, it leaves a prickly stubble.
Therefore, if you have used Nair rather than shaving there are chances that the hair will take a couple of days longer to develop back.

Is Nair safe to be used evidently?

Nair can be used evidently if you do not have sensitive skin. You'll find Nair specifically for face laser hair removal, so you can buy that. It is advisable to use Nair only on the lower area of the face like the chin and cheeks.

Can using Nair cause skin burns?

Yes, it can! This really is something have to bear in mind while using the a hair removal cream. Hair removal creams use chemicals to be able to break the keratin bonds to weaken your hair strand in order to painlessly take it off.

Where all can men use Nair?

Men can use Nair hair removal cream on their own arms, legs, chest, back, mustache line and on crotch hair. Strictly don't use Nair for removing hair on the testicles as it can certainly cause severe chemical burns because of its sensitive skin.

Can using Nair cause ingrown hair?

Well, there's a possibility that using Nair may cause ingrown hair because the hair is not removed from the root, but simply from below the surface level of your skin. This can make the hair to develop into the skin, causing the hair to become ingrown.

Will using Nair make my hair grow back thicker?

No, using Nair will not cause any sort of alternation in thickness or perhaps how quickly your hair grows back. This is just a myth.

The Final Takeaway On Using Nair On Body and Pubic Hair

Well guys, I hope this short article had all the information you possessed about Nair. Make sure to be more cautious while using the Nair, for those who have sensitive skin and also, make sure to read all the instructions carefully before using the product and follow the right application process as per the merchandise box.

Remember to do a patch test, but in case you are feeling any kind of irritation once you have applied the Nair on your skin, wash it off with immediate effect. Also, don't use this product near the mouth area and upper face, because the chemicals aren't safe.

It is important this product must be driven out of the reach of kids and infants. If this product enters your eyes or mouth, rinse off with plain water and consult a medical professional if you experience every other symptoms.

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