Learn how long it will take to go from brunette to blonde hair color and the realistic stages of lightening hair. Can you go from dark brown to blonde in one sitting, check it out below. 

Are you a brunette and searching for something new? Perhaps a change, with an all-new hair color? Well, changing your hair color from the darker shade to some lighter one will undoubtedly get eyes submiting your direction!

But the question most brunettes have is “Is going from brunette to blonde easy?”. Well, it is important that people with darker hair shades have to consider many aspects using their natural hair color to the type and texture of the hair to how healthy their hair is. 

It might take between one to a few sessions for the transition. The darker your hair shade is, the more will it decide to try transition. So, Let me believe it is possible, for sure, but some might have it easier than the others.

Well ladies, how about you go in for it and trust the procedure thereafter? I mean this is the best way to discover for yourselves and who doesn't want a great change right?

So, listed here are every detail about going blonde from brunette!

How Long Will It Take to go from Brunette to Blonde Hair Color

It's likely to take quite a few sittings to obtain from brunette to blonde. I'd say an average of 4-6 depending on how dark your hair is, how stubborn hair is, and just how you look after your hair in between each sitting. 

And as for how long each sitting will take, again, this will depend on how long hair is, how thick it is, and just how long it requires your stylist to do hair. But I'd say an average of an hour or so per sitting with a bit of time in between to let hair cool. 

I'd say the max you decide to go during the day would be a bit more than half a head at once. I'd say start off with a small portion, like your bangs and perhaps several braids or some curls and then go back again a couple of days later and finish the rest of your head. 

The first time you decide to go blonde, a great stylist will most likely use a 30 volume developer. It is because it'll provide your hair more lift, and it works well with bleached hair. 

They'll probably also have you come back a few days later and tone it having a toner or clear glaze, to remove any brassiness.

Key Considerations Prior to going from Brunette to Blonde?

Your hair texture

This is an important facet of consideration because hair texture definitely is important in terms of how long and just how many sessions do you need for the transition to occur.

For individuals with curly hair types or fine and much more fragile hair types it might be easier to dye blonde when compared with those with coarse and rougher hair types.

Your hair history

Disclosing all of your hair history with your hair colourist is very essential because obtaining the shade you would like will include aspects like your hair health, your hair texture, whether hair is virgin or not etc.

When your colourist or hair stylist knows hair history, she or he will suggest the approximate period of time and quantity of sessions you'll need to get the desired shade of blonde you want.

Finding the best shade

While it may seem that you'd like to go completely blonde using the lightest shade possible, it is advisable to always match the shade according to the skin tone and the colour of your vision, to be able to bring out the very best look of the color shade you are receiving.

Pursue the process

It is essential to understand that the darker the brown colour of your hair is, the more the transitioning process might take. Therefore, you may require more quantity of sessions with safe intervals to do the process of going blonde.

For anyone who has virgin hair, hair that hasn't been touched by any kind of hair treatments or chemicals before, will be able to transition quicker than non-virgin hair.

Another part of the process may be the shade you want. If the shade of blonde you are planning to get is the lightest shade, then it may take longer for the transition.

Make certain to do a strand test of the hair

A strand test is an important aspect that need considering while dyeing hair. The reason for a strand test is to determine whether hair will achieve the shade you would like at the end of the dyeing process or otherwise. 

Therefore, the stylist will section out a little portion of the hair and color it. Then, you'll need to wait for a while (this might take around 15 to 20 minutes for that results to show) to be able to see how long the colour will take to lift off the hair.

Do you have to treat hair before dyeing it blonde?

Yes! You most definitely do. If you choose to dye your hair into any color for that matter, hair health plays an important role. 

So deep conditioning your hair, using hair masks and lowering the utilization of hairstyling tools fourteen days prior to dyeing hair, is usually recommended.

It is also worth noting that you should dye your hair merely a day or two after it has been washed. 

Dyeing of freshly washed or clean hair could cause irritation to the scalp. That said, do not dye hair if it was not washed in excess of 3 to 4 days because it will hinder the process of the lightening.

After-care Steps to Follow After Going Blonde

Just how your hair should be healthy and well-treated before you get your hair dyed, similarly, it is essential that your hair health is maintained even after your hair has been dyed because it is more prone to damage and breakage as it is very fragile after it has been dyed.

Here are some of the after-care steps you could utilize when your hair has been dyed:

Wait for 2 to 3 days before washing your hair

The reason you shouldn't wash hair for that first Two to three days after hair continues to be dyed happens because the chances of the dye getting lighter and fading away is probably.

Making use of deep conditioners and hair masks

Hair that has just been dyed becomes more prone to damage because once the hair continues to be dyed, the cuticles are open. Therefore, using hair masks and deep conditioners can help keep your hair more hydrated and nourished. It will also help promote hair lustre and shine.

 Utilization of purple shampoo

Using a purple shampoo can help reduce hair brassiness and act like a toner for the hair to keep your dyed hair fresh and vibrant.

 Reduce the utilization of heat and heat styling tools

Be it washing hair with hot water or using heat styling tools should be completely avoided, not just since it will damage your hair but also since it will make the dye fade.

In case you have to use heat styling tools, make sure to use a heat protectant spray in your hair before utilizing it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about going from Brunette to Blonde

Can I use box dyes to alter my hair color from brunette to blonde?

Yes, as many people do find salon dyeing too costly, they opt for box dyes.
As mentioned earlier, box dyes have high chemical concentrations including ammonia, bleach, nitro dyes along with other harsh chemicals and could have negative effects as well as after effects once used.
These effects could include scalp itching after coloring, hair loss, hair thinning etc. People with sensitive skin will have to be more precautious while using the box dyes.

What are some good brands of box dyes that I use to paint my brunette hair blonde?

Some of the largest brands used for dyeing hair from brunette to blonde such as the Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Nourishing Creme in 90 Light Natural Blonde, L'Oreal Paris, Wella, Clairol etc.

Can you go from brunette to blonde without using bleach in your hair?

Depending how dark your hair color shade is, you will find options of lightening your hair color without needing bleach. You can test out natural methods or by using high lift hair dyes.
But it is essential to observe that the color will lift only a little and not completely and will also result in your hair using a brassy look.

The final takeaway

Before I close out this article, in conclusion my answer to the question “How long will the brunette to blonde process take?”, I'll are saying that there is no exact time period or perhaps a specific number of sessions the procedure could take.

This means it may vary from a single session to even multiple sessions on the couple of weeks or months (if your hair type decides to do something difficult).

Remember that no matter just how long your transitioning process takes, it is important to follow a good after care regimen of utilizing hair masks, deep conditioning (with heat if required), maintaining you are the color with purple shampoo and occasional salon visits (for root touch-ups)

This will ensure you not only obtain the best effects of the color you've transitioned to, but also to maintain the dyed hair color for the longest time possible.

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