Right now, we are sitting on the precipice of change. Using the pandemic changing how we function in lots of ways and social media shifting the way businesses operate, it is no surprise why many businesses are changing their models to reflect digital and mobile services and re-considering the way their physical operations work.

Sarah Lillian, the founder and CEO of Hair Everywhere Mobile Salons, Inc, took this change to heart. She saw the transfer of our society and saw a chance to create her brand, Hair Everywhere Mobile Salons, which operates as an Uber for beauty services, so to speak. Hair Everywhere Mobile Salons both helps salon businesses and entrepreneurs to develop their brands while also providing a fast and simple method for clients to reserve their beauty services in a much safer and simpler way. We heard about Hair Everywhere Mobile Salons at VIVA GLAM Magazine and merely needed to learn more! So, we sat down with Sarah Lillian to discuss her brand, how it operates, and the advantages of utilizing these new mobile services.

Please tell us about Hair Everywhere Mobile Salons and what causes it to be unique when compared with other booking services or platforms. So how exactly does your platform stand out that beats all others?

Hair Everywhere Mobile Salons may be the first mobile app booking system that delivers beauty services straight to clients. I love to describe it as being as an Uber for beauty services. Not one other platform offers exclusivity for mobile beauty providers. Whenever a mobile salon obtains our “Location Lock” feature in the app, they get their own booking button that they can operate 100% competition free. We take no percentage of the earnings they earn with the app. Their clients are their very own separate operating entity.

It's not just a booking service but a social network, too. Why is it essential for the firms in your list to have a strong presence in, BeautySpace, your social networking?

It is important for beauty professionals to make use of BeautySpace within the app because this community is really a free platform that will help beauty professionals leverage their business beyond our paid business development programs, as well as providing them with more exposure in the app with their shared content. It is so easy to get lost in a sea of scrolling through endless selfies and dog pictures in many social networking platforms; that is because other social networking networks do not focus on one specific genre. In BeautySpace, you can share your projects, socialize, and learn tools surrounding the beauty industry. This helps beauty professionals grow without all those extra unnecessary distractions. Having the ability to “focus” is always the important thing to success.

You offer multiple programs and services for salons looking to explore your app. Could you inform us a little about how exactly Hair Everywhere Mobile Salons helps salons who're only starting out in the market?

Hair Everywhere Mobile Salons has multiple programs available within the app. Whether you have an operating brick-and-mortar salon business and are looking to incorporate mobile beauty services or you are an individual beautician searching for a low start-up business design that has great potential for limitless expansion. We have a team that will help them build out their own customizable and scalable business model. They are able to get the full business blueprint with implementation from your business development team. They'll learn how to streamline and optimize the productivity in their business and funnel clients to them headache free.

What kinds of spa and beauty services can people book using your network?

Every business is unique within the app. Our primary focus is hair services, but you may also book manicures, pedicures, facials, head and shoulder massages, makeup applications, and a whole lot!

How is Hair Everywhere Mobile Salon a “Safe Method of getting Your Hair Done”? Why is your app safer for booking hair appointments than other services?

All companies that list their business within the app have to comply with their state’s regulations for health, safety, and sanitation. In any space where individuals congregate, it is not easy to prevent multiplication of airborne illness and pathogens. Whenever you take away the element of congregating for beauty services, you may create a safer environment for these services to be performed.

Aside from booking appointments with local hair salons, the other services can be found via Hair Everywhere Mobile Salon?  

Aside from getting booked and booking beauty services, we offer business development, hyper-location target marketing, and bookkeeping services for hairstylists and salon owners who've a location kept in the app. Vendors that sell beauty products and tools could also list their business within the app. All vendors that list their business are marketed with the app once they become a vendor.

In your opinion, what's your favorite product which you are offering in your shop?

My favorite company within the app is Pearl and Mae Boutique. They're a little local business that makes hand-made, unique beauty accessories. My daughter likes to collect their clay bows! I have had the pleasure of watching this company blossom from idea to reality, and that i couldn't be prouder of the progress they have made every year because the day they chose to open it up.

What's the most important thing a salon or spa ought to know about your company if they're looking to join your network?

The most essential thing a company should know before they join our network is that we are able to give you all the tools and resources to scale, but your willingness to act around the tools you learn will greatly impact your ability to achieve success and grow exponentially. The program(s) they choose really depends upon where their clients are at in their own developmental stage. If they're already developed like a business but they are looking to grow, then our marketing programs would be most valuable for them and may make a meaningful impact in their growth trajectory. If they are new to the mobile salon industry, I would highly recommend the “MBR Success” program to obtain the full business blueprint. It's important to realize that whenever a brick-and-mortar salon shifts into incorporating mobile salon services, this will open a brand new market that's not restricted to the number of chairs within their salon to generate revenue. This brings limitless potential in their ability to scale like a beauty business.

So, rapid response is “It's important for these to know that wherever they're in their journey, Hair Everywhere Mobile Salons can help them thrive by opening new markets not limited by shop space, all while using proven proprietary marketing tools to streamline revenue straight to their business.”

What do you consider is an essential thing someone seeking to book an appointment having a salon or spa in your list should know about Hair Everywhere Mobile Salons?

When a client uses your hair Everywhere Mobile Salons app, it is important for them to know is the fact that convenience, luxury, and safety will always be a higher priority for anyone using it. Part of the reason why we lock locations and do not allow multiple businesses in one location is so we are able to retain a high standard for business operations.

You can see more about Hair Everywhere Mobile Salons here: https://www.haireverywheremobilesalon.com/ and you may follow them on Instagram HERE!

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