Age is merely several – and fashion is timeless. Nobody embodies this quite as well as Grece Ghanem, a Montreal, Canada-based fitness expert, former microbiologist, fashion model and content creator. As a 50-something, she's challenged people of every age group to have self-confidence and go bold using their styles. Her Instagram has an impressive following, where she shares her newest looks, products and designers she loves, and plenty of wardrobe inspiration. Ghanem is really a breath of fresh air and positivity for any world that’s mostly obsessed with youth, proving that beauty only increases with more laps around the sun. Here, she invested some time to talk with Sunday Edit about her daily routine, her most sage advice for those defining their style, and much more.

When did you start your Instagram? What inspired you to begin it?

Grece Ghanem: I started my Instagram account over five years ago as a hobby with my daughter Cheyenne. I have been enthusiastic about fashion since a young age. It was a creative outlet and task for my daughter and me, where we would share photos of my outfits and things that inspired me. It became a space now that I tell a vast community; It's surprising how quickly it grew and developed!

Tell us regarding your daily routine, from getting out of bed to going to sleep.

GG: I am an earlier bird and like to start my day with my morning routine. I drink my morning elixir and finish my skincare routine. I actually do a Pilates-based workout for around an hour. I've got a few private training clients as well in the morning. I also enjoy a swim of all days; it is indeed my sacred 'me-time.’

Once I am done, I will do my NuFACE microcurrent routine and make preparations my smoothie bowl for lunch. The rest of my day is spent answering emails, planning content, and taking care of business. In the evening, Irrrve never go to bed without completing my nighttime skincare routine. I sit during sex watching some Netflix while doing my red light therapy on my small NuFACE device.

What is the number 1 wardrobe must-have? Why?

GG: The perfect set of denim trousers. The ones that make you feel confident and you can put on with anything. I have a pair of Levi's jeans which i had since I was at my 20s. The fit is incomparable, and I love to style them with a denim shirt.

What is something you’d never wear? Why?

GG: I wouldn't say 'never' as I am always up for trying and experimenting. However, as we grow older, I'm convenient and conscious of what flatters my body system. I would say today I avoid very short and incredibly skin-tight dresses. N't i longer resonates beside me!

For 20 and 30-somethings who're defining their style, what advice would you provide them with?

GG: Experiment and be curious, and become confident! As you try, look for inspo in gossip columns you'll begin to develop your look. However, it'll only truly feel much like your style when you feel confident in it!

In several words, how does one describe your look?

GG: My style is pretty much harmoniously with my mood. I'd describe it as basic with a twist; I love to mix feminine and masculine silhouettes, high-end pieces with vintage or contemporary pieces. I want to exude timeless modernity!

When do you feel your most breathtaking?

GG: I believe that beauty starts inside and radiates outwards. I feel most breathtaking when I am healthy and happy!

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