Whether you're a fan of a glossy look or perhaps a matte look, there are a variety of makeup trends coming your way this year that will surely be something to pique your interest. While one is usually more popular than another, 2022 may be the year for. 

Whether it's a matte foundation or a glossy lipstick, here are the matte and glossy makeup trends for 2022 you need to know about.

Matte Metallics 

Metallics are earning a comeback greatly, which year the matte metallic look is the trend. You have the standout silvers and golds, but without the glittery look which was made famous in the early 2000s.

Matte metallics are also very easy to wear, as a little bit of eyeliner is more than enough to take your look one stage further.

Glossy Glitter

On sleep issues from the spectrum, glossy glitter has returned in fashion too. Similar to the matte metallics, glossy glitter eyeliner and eyeshadow are the trend as a way to have a simple, clean look and give it a touch of color that seriously grabs attention. 

While there is no one color accepted another, using such small amounts may be the opportunity to explore a variety of colors.


A matte monochromatic color scheme is a brilliant way of getting a sultry and classy look without going overboard with colors and different types of makeup. Browns, in particular, have been in the limelight this season.

They are some of the best shades for nighttime looks, particularly when coupled with a deep red shade of lipstick. 


Sunkissed is a subtle look there has been this season and it is a mix of matte and glossy elements. An easy matte touch on the cheeks and round the eyes is complemented by glossy lipstick in red or orange shades. 

This kind of look is ideal for a day out or lunch and compliments sunny days brilliantly. It is also great for those with problematic skin, because the light quantity of makeup won't cause an excessive amount of discomfort. 

Negative Space Eyeliner

Negative space eyeliner is really a relatively new trend that is definitely finding its feet this year. Utilizing a matte eyeliner of any color, you're simply filling out the outline of your eyeliner instead of filling it in completely. 

It is an extremely simple look that instantly draws the attention, especially if you make use of a bright color. Talking about bright colors, this is actually the best way to add a pop of color without going overboard, particularly if you select a bright green or orange. 

Contoured Lips 

Contoured lips really are a trend that people saw emerge this past year, and 2022 is the year it will get ready permanently. It isn’t as bold as outlining your lips as people did back in the the late 90s and early 2000s and instead gives your lips a subtle but noticeable shape. 

Experts state that you should keep your colors similar, but they don't have to be the same, and ensure your lips aren't too dark, as you will accidentally recreate the outlined lip look. 


Red is the color of the year in the world of makeup. The classic color is back again, may it be matte red lipstick, a red gloss, or red eyeshadow. Even if you aren’t an enormous fan of bold red lipstick, it's relatively simple to pull off. 

Combining red lipstick with a little little bit of eye shadows and keeping your look fairly natural is a simple but unforgettable choice.

Glazed Lips 

Glazing is not only for donuts, and glossy lipstick can give your lips an additional dimension you didn't think they needed. Once more, combine your glossy lip with matte touches to allow them stick out. 

You may also keep the remainder of the face completely natural, having a lipsticks being ample to raise your look with simply a couple of minutes of effort.

Matte Blues

Red may be back, but matte blues will also be overtaking. Blue has always been one that, when used correctly, can also add a pop of color that can transform even the simplest of looks. Matte blue eyeshadow, particularly, has turned into a favorite this season. 

You use enough to provide you with the colour you'll need without using so much that you look like you're halfway to clown makeup, an issue lots of people have when using bright colors. 

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