Today you want to discuss the fabulously rich history of LGBTQ in fashion. All of us discover their whereabouts now either on our television screens or on popular video platforms on the Internet. Represented by some of the biggest fashion industries in the world like Dolce & Gabbana, Lv, Armani, yet others, gay men and women are now seen as brilliant creators and innovators in the realm of fashion.

But things weren't exactly as fabulous and accepting back then. On the hundred years ago, these wonderful people could be celebrating their wonderful creations in hiding, fearful within the fact that people misunderstand them. However, love conquers all; even the violent emotions of misinformation, hate, and prejudice are no match against the creativity and fervour emanating from those fashion trendsetters.

Fashion and the LGBTQ Community – How it All Started

There is a prevailing question among people who are interested in the LGBTQ's standing with fashion. How come there a lot of gay individuals who operate in fashion? And it is fashion always connected to being gay?

The answer to these two questions is quite unique. According to a job interview done by

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