From Closet to Chair: When Fashion Meets Function

When you think of designer brands like Gucci, Versace, or Louis Vuitton, most likely the first thoughts are about fashion and clothing. You wouldn't be incorrect to consider so. In the end, they are well-known high fashion houses. However, they're also something more. Many high fashion brands like these have now branched from the world of fashion and into different sectors of the home goods world. Listed here are five brands that aren't just making clothing these days.

Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana recently launched their first interior decor line, which they call Casa. Casa provides a wide selection of household goods: plates and chargers, glasses, trays, cushions, and more. These things are made to the same standard that fans have come to expect in the D&C clothing line. The designers hold dedication to crafting items that let customers tailor their homes for their individual interests as easily as they tailor an item of clothing. Customers can shop within curated collections, or mix and match across the website in order to find the perfect fit for his or her home.


Gucci launched their house decor line in 2022, and it's been turning heads since. Called Gucci Decor, the line offers a number of chairs, stools, folding screens, and smaller home decor items. There's even a selection of wallpapers. All feature the distinct Gucci style and motifs that customers may be hoping to see. The items also come with the typically Gucci price tag, allowing fans to enjoy the prestige of high-quality items that will serve them as well as their households for many years in the future.

Ralph Lauren

This luxury brand has definitely made the objective on the home furnishing market with their Ralph Lauren Home collection. Ralph Lauren Home was originally launched in 1983, which makes them ones from the first clothing designers to venture into home design. The line features soft goods such as linens, rugs, and cushions, in addition to larger furnishings for example bookcases, sofas, as well as bed frames. Like other brands, the home furnishing line closely follows the styles and patterns from the Ralph Lauren clothing lines.

Louis Vuitton

The Objets Nomades collection by Louis Vuitton is a furniture line that's inspired by travel. To facilitate that look and feel, all the pieces in the line are designed with a number of internationally-renowned designers. The result of these collaborations is a type of items that push the bounds of form and style while remaining functional enough to be used. Each piece evokes travel, regardless if you are taking them on the highway (like the iconic trunk bed) or using them to brighten your own home.


Last, and surely not least, out there is another line called Casa. This one is delivered to market by Armani. Utilizing its design philosophy of elegance and ease, the line of furniture, lighting, and carpet options has found itself in a variety of settings since its launch in 2004. Perhaps no place better displays the pieces than the Armani Hotel in Dubai. Your accommodation is decorated with Armani furniture, flooring, lighting, and accessories throughout its 160 rooms and suites.

It's pretty clear that the ability to make designer clothes doesn't preclude a way house from making other beautiful things. Of these five brands and the others who have joined them, the voyage into the home decor world has been a fruitful one. Not only does it benefit the business to diversify, but the variety of offerings lets loyal customers bring their favorite designer into every element of their daily life. The next time you find yourself looking for new home furnishings, why don't you provide a designer brand a glance?

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