Experts are calling it the “Great Resignation.” Post-pandemic, people are quitting their jobs in droves – an archive 4 million in April alone, based on Labor Department statistics – looking for additional fulfillment, flexibility, security, more income, more- happiness.

“It's been a long time coming,” says Morgan Keasler, a career expert with Point Road Group and certified HR professional. “The pandemic forced a lot of switch to happen – a lot of it that I think everyone was desiring before, but many of employers weren't ready to accommodate. And for many people, it's been a lot of fun to reevaluate priorities. With the much going on in the world, it makes you believe, 'What will i want out of my life and what shall we be held looking for?'”

Cue the millions giving their two weeks’ notice to pursue their passionate side hustles, go back to school, have a job that offers more security or money, or allows them to work in a different part of the world. After what's been probably the worst employment period in recent memory, it seems like we may be on the edge of a more optimistic era, one in that the dream job – however, you might define it personally – rules. “I love that we’re seeing people stand up for what they need,” says Keasler. “I really am super inspired and respect the people who are going for a step back and saying, this is exactly what I need and I’m will make it happen.” Finding your dream job can be a hard task, but some have been lucky enough to have taken one step back to start pursuing their ideal career.

Of course, you may still find lots of people out there who don’t know how to find their dream jobs. Maybe you know it's time for something new, but aren't sure what starting a new job looks like or how to get there. We asked Keasler for five questions to ask you to ultimately figure out how to start.

1. Take a Second, and Ask What Are My Values?

The first thing to do if you're thinking about creating a change is to take some time to mirror on what motivates you at the office. “Do you need to do a job in which you mind concerning the mission or even the product? Do you to create a bunch of money for some time?” says Keasler. Both are equally valid. So is wanting a job this is a recession (or pandemic) proof and wanting a job that permits you to work remote full-time so you can live digital nomad life.

“Think about previous roles: that which you loved and just what you hated and what you need to avoid in the future,” Keasler says. “There's not necessarily only one answer, but when you are able to concentrate on one primary goal, you can make everything flex around that. If you have this complete dream pie, it’s likely to be very hard – especially all at once. So, being super honest with yourself is a great initial step.”

2. Ask Yourself, Who can I talk to?

If you're approaching short on inspiration, talk to people who seem to love their jobs. “Don't just talk to 4 or 5 people – speak with everybody,” Keasler says. DM the person using the cool-seeming job you follow on Instagram, ask people you went to school about their industries, get coffee with your friend who loves her side hustle. “Ask not just about the good stuff, but the challenges,” says Keasler.

“Change is actually hard, even when you want it,” she adds. “Having somebody to help you work through that, I think, is actually helpful because it’s hard to be objective about your own life and your own career.”

3. Will i Wish to Start a Job or perhaps is My Current Job Simply not Working?

Maybe you do not need a complete change of career – your current employer sucks. “Really think about why you're leaving and evaluate new opportunities [based on that],” says Keasler. May be the work-life balance horrible? Search for firms that explicitly prioritize that in job descriptions. May be the company culture misogynistic? Look for a female-founded company a treadmill whose leadership team comes complete with females you admire.

4. Will i wish to return to the office?

For some people, a silver lining of the pandemic continues to be the newfound ability to have a flexible or remote work schedule, and many companies are announcing intends to offer those options long term. Would you like to work in an office again? Do you want to live in a different city? Its moment to make it happen. By taking the right steps and asking the right questions you can work toward finding the ideal job and easing back into life post-pandemic.

5. Can I Use My Side Hustle like a Realistic Job?

It's hard not to get philosophical about what you're doing together with your life after the past year. Maybe this is the moment to turn your newfound knitting-as-self-care hobby into an Etsy store or your side gig as a photographer right into a full-time thing. That's awesome – as long as you're realistic by what it will take to have it off the floor.

“The entrepreneurs I understand are the hardest working. Anything they do, it’s their life; it’s not only their job,” says Keasler. “You need to be prepared to proceed a difficult couple of years.” If you aren't in a place in which you have your finances and health care taken care of (yet), “what baby steps can you take to work at that goal while you’re working a full-time job?” Keasler says.

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