As you know, some women have large breasts, while others have small ones. Some boobs also hang low, while some are firm and perky. Because of these differences, lots of women wonder if their boobs are common. So, exactly what do healthy breasts seem like? Here are some indications of healthy boobs.

Signs of Healthy Boobs

1. They're both a bit Lumpy

A large amount of people believe that a lump on their own breast is really a sign of cancer, but many breasts lumps are natural. As you know, nearly all women have benign water-filled cysts in the same area of their breasts. As a result, if you feel the bumps both in areas of your breasts, there's nothing to worry about. However, if you think a lump in a single breast and never the other, it is strongly advised to see your physician.

2. Clear Skin

One of the very most common signs of healthy boobs is clear skin. In fact, having clear skin is a great sign that you're physically healthy. For the breasts, flat and smooth skin suggests that they're normal and healthy. However, when the skin is irritated, it might signify contamination. Because of this, it's advocated to find professional help if you notice an abrupt alternation in your skin of the breasts. Although irritated skin is not a manifestation of breast cancer, you still need to visit your doctor to ensure your breasts have been in perfect condition.

3. They do not Produce any Discharge

Keep in your mind that healthy breasts don't produce discharge unless you're pregnant or breastfeeding. Remember, discharge may suggest a variety of things. For example, it's really a sign of an imbalance inside your thyroid hormones. For this reason, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor if you notice any discharge on your bra cups.

4. Pain-Free

Finally, the last on this list of signs of healthy boobs is pain-free. Keep in mind that pain and soreness before or on your period are normal. However, you have to talk to your doctor if you feel pain in a single of your breasts, especially if you also notice skin changes or a lump.

All in most, these are some of the indications of healthy boobs. Remember that every woman's breast is a bit different. Because of this, you must determine the normal condition of the breasts. If you see any changes, you have to seek specialist as quickly as possible.

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