Dust off your passport and dig out the rollie: You're ready to turn those dreams of traveling again perfectly into a reality. During our 18-month hibernation, some people might have forgotten just how to become a chic traveler (or possibly it was never a forte, to start with!). Therefore we enlisted some experts – super-travelers who mastered annual pilgrimages to Europe's fashion month and global press tours with the likes of Lupita Nyong'o and Glenn Close – to talk about their trusty strategies for stylish, easy travel.

Organize Yourself

If you can help it, “Don't leave packing to the last second,” says Lorelei Marfil Day, a New York-reared, London-based fashion journalist that has stayed touring Europe and Africa. Have a packing list in your phone or computer that you could adjust for each trip you are taking (particularly helpful when you are traveling with children).

When packing, celebrity hairstylist Derek Yuen, whose use clients like Constance Wu has taken him to Vietnam and South Korea, lays everything out so he can evaluate what is necessary. Should there be space, then he'll pack extra items. “Otherwise, you just overpack.” Laying it enables you to see what's going to work together and just what won't opt for anything. Edit it out.

Pick a capsule wardrobe, an edited assortment of clothes that really work together, both in color and feel. Erin Sumwalt says a capsule “Keeps me from overpacking. I began packing such as this after i was an editor, traveling to Europe for that fashion shows.” She packs pieces that “can be worn multiple ways by adding different jewelry, belts, bags and shoes.”

Marfil Day says, “Sticking with a color scheme helps you easily coordinate your look.” Some classic color combos: Navy plus tan; black and grey; brown with beige; and denim with any above. Stylist Chloe Hartstein, who works with Glenn Close, Chris Rock and Melissa McCarthy, “Gravitates towards several colors – black, white, brown.” Adding some excitement for your neutrals with colorful accessories, that are much smaller in your suitcase. Think bright bangles, coral and turquoise scarves, dramatic necklaces.

Pack multitaskers, both in terms of fashion and sweetness. Think: a swimsuit that can be worn as a bodysuit-like layer but also by the pool; a shawl can be used as a sarong; a denim blouse can be a jacket over a dress or a top by itself; throw a top over a black dress and you've got a black skirt. The greater versatile each piece, the less you need to pack.

Makeup artist Nick Barose, who counts trips to Benin in western Africa and visiting an elephant sanctuary in Kenya with client Lupita Nyong'o among his most memorable sojourns, says, “I try to start out that can dual purpose just like a contour palette that can be also a bronzer and eyeshadow” (like this from Kevyn Aucoin), stick blush that can also double as a lip stain (try Mario Soft Pop Blush Stick), colorful eyeliner “that could be smudged as eyeshadow” (see Lancome Khol Eyeliner) and “Armani Eye and Brow Maestro, which works as eyeliner, brow filler and to create a smoky eye.” Or try Sunday Riley Juno Face Oil, which not just hydrates the complexion it moisturizes dry hair ends and nail cuticles.

Minimize where you can. Instead of bringing a whole bottle of foundation, put enough inside a contact lens case (or cases for extended getaways). This works best for skin care, but don't forget to label the lens case if formulas look alike. Decant hair products into smaller bottles – this is a great way to reuse empty travel-size bottles you picked up on your last getaway.

Dressing for any Plane (or Train)

“It's always about getting a balance between cozy and put-together,” says stylist Hartstein. She chooses layers and “fabrics which are soft and won't wrinkle an excessive amount of in-flight.” For example, “A great trench coat or a great blazer for the surface, then maybe a chic cotton shirt having a cashmere sweater or a vintage sweatshirt. When you get too warm, you are able to throw it around shoulders. A set of loose-fitting trousers with a few cozy socks (my faves are Comme Si) and cute sneakers.” Yuen adds that “Instead of packing a bulky jacket, I take it on the flight for a blanket.” Since you don't know exactly what the temperature is going to be in the plane or train, airport or station.

A few other hacks to keep in mind when you're en route: Wear a cross-body purse to keep your hands free for luggage as well as your ticket and passport, ready for inspection, says Marfil Day. Take a look at these stylish and functional cross-body options from Matt and Nat.

Keep skin hydrated mid-flight and when you land with eye cream (try Sunday Riley AutoCorrect Eye Cream) and moisturizer (like Sunday Riley Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream). Still a little puffy, post-flight? Marfil Day slides on oversized sunglasses to appear instantly chic. (Check out these from Pala.) Also, instantly liven your face with Chanel Healthy Glow Lip Balm on your pout and cheeks.

Research Your Destination

“Getting a good feeling of the weather before getting for your destination, especially if it's hot, is key,” says Hartstein. For decent climes, “Natural fabrics, linen and cotton let your skin breathe a little more and you will feel more comfortable.” The stylist is also sun smart: “I always enjoy having a pleasant linen or cotton shirt with me to protect my arms and shoulders from the sun, along with SPF. And a great hat goes quite a distance when trying to place a glance together.”

Remember the skincare you might need, particularly if it's a multi-stop trip with different climates, says Barose. “I always make sure I have the right skincare, like rich, hydrating ones if I'm going somewhere cold and lightweight for that heat.” (Sunday Riley ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream is ideal for cold climes, while Sunday Riley C.E.O. Afterglow Brightening Ascorbic acid Gel Cream is really a go-to for decent temps.)

Google “clothing rules in [your destination]” to see if there's anything else you have to consider. For example, heels are forbidden at ancient monuments in Greece; vacation, you're forbidden to put on sandals while driving; and camouflage is really a no-no in certain Caribbean nations.

Pack for Fashion Mishaps

Hartstein packs a mini steamer “that will work in whatever region of the world I'm going to,” adding that “you can order one on the internet and have it delivered right to your location.” Take this into account for destination weddings – you don't want to function as the wrinkly guest within the photos.

Sumwalt always takes “a little pouch full of small volumes of that may fix any vacation fashion malfunction,” including a Laundress Wash and Stain Bar (“for getting out stains or for hand-washing”), deodorant and makeup removing sponge (“lifts both instantly from clothes”), double-stick tape, lint removal sheets (“rollers occupy too much space”), safety pins, a black permanent Sharpie “to edit anything,” an instant shoe-shine sponge, and baby wipes “because they may be used to clean dirty shoes and so many other things.” Marfil Day agrees: “They are ideal for freshening up. You never know if there will be toilet tissue in the bathroom or maybe there are accidental food spills during your travels.” Yuen also does BYO on TP: “I always bring my very own toilet paper and hygienic wipes – I'm picky.” And well prepared.

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