Does hair thickening shampoo work? Or perhaps is it bad and results in hair thinning? Find everything about the best shampoo to thicken hair right here!

A good shampoo is a vital part of maintaining one's hair. But does a hair thickening shampoo work?

But it is essential to choose the right shampoo. And just what we mean with that is you need to observe the condition of the hair and act accordingly to hash the issue out. 

And one particular issue that should be taken care of is hair loss. Your hair can lose volume as a result of number of factors however when that does happen it affects you in a number of ways. 

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There are shampoos that solely work into thickening your hair and creating more volume and texture. 

And with one of these shampoos you are able to really improve the condition of your hair rapidly. 

But there are a variety of questions and concerns that arise with items that are made in issues like this, in terms of viability. 

So we are here to pay off that off for you. Read on to know if hair thickening shampoos work!

Do Hair Thickening Shampoos Work

What is really a hair thickening shampoo? 

A hair thickening shampoo is a product which includes a number of ingredients that work into creating volume and texture for that hair. 

It gently takes care of hair loss and gives your hair more volume and strength to resist external factors. 

It also deeply cleanses your hair strands so that there is no grease or dirt in the scalp which nourishes your hair and elevates the hair even more. 

How is a hair thickening shampoo not the same as a hair thinning shampoo? 

The two work towards providing you with exactly the same final result – thicker and lush hair. 

So it's simply the same task whereas inside a hair loss shampoo it really works into strengthening your hair. so as to avoid hair fall.

And inside a hair thickening shampoo the ingredients are created to elevate the hair growth. 

We suggest you look in the issue that you're gravely facing and work into hashing that out for the best results. 

How do hair thickening shampoos work?

Who really wants to have hair loss right? With a hair thickening shampoo, the ingredients are such that it gives the hair more volume in order that it looks bouncy and lush. 

A hair thickening shampoo has got the right quantity of ingredients and nutrients to bring back hair texture and give you a much better volume. 

With you bombarding a number of products in your hair and with the constant exposure to dust along with other pollutants, your hair strands can grow wearing and finally start thinning. 

A hair thickening shampoo is able to give volume whilst adding life for your hair so that it looks glossy and stays healthy. 

What's the difference between a hair thickening shampoo and a volumizing shampoo? 

Volumizing shampoo mainly focuses on giving you fluffy hair so that it does not fall flat. 

We know how hard that can check days you need to venture out! Which means that the components in a volumising shampoo are more gentle and do not weigh heavy on the hair. 

It can bring out a more flowy texture to your hair. 

Basically a hair thickening shampoo utilizes a longer run and keeps hair thicker and well groomed. 

How often the use of a hair thickening shampoo? 

Using a hair thickening shampoo can be used regularly like a normal shampoo but again, it is not relevant to shampoo hair too often. 

So we would suggest 2-3 times a week is enough to cleanse your scalp as well as work right on your hair strands. 

But if you work with a medicated shampoo for certain concerns, then it does not matter if you use it regularly. 

Things to consider while selecting a thickening shampoo

Like every other product you will find what exactly you need to think about while choosing the right hair thickening shampoo. 

Consider the present amount of your hair before you visit to some shampoo that you simply barely are conscious of, read the plight of your hair and make sure you match the shampoo using the state of the hair.

 If you are using a stronger shampoo for a condition of hair that cannot take it, you will simply destroy it further. 

Make sure you choose a gentle shampoo for hair types that need appropriate shampoos. 

Try out shampoos before you decide to stick to them in the long run. 

Considering you've hair loss, you need to try out the shampoo first and find out how it is acting on your hair before you make a commitment. 

Like any other purchase, you need to think about the price if the product is worthwhile. 

Here are some hair thickening shampoos which you can use: 

Best Shampoo To Thicken Hair

Hair Thickening Shampoos Best For Top Ingredients
Avalon's Organic Therapy Thickening Shampoo Sensitive Scalp – Aloe Vera
– Oat Kernels
– Chamomile
– Avocado Extracts
– Biotin
Bumble and Bumble Thickening Volume Shampoo Color-treated Hair – Aloe Vera
– Panthenol
Head and Shoulders Shampoo Dandruff-prone Scalp – Pyrithione Zinc
Garnier Fructis Shampoo Oily, Thin Hair – Pyrithione Zinc
Pantene Pro V Sheer Shampoo Dull, Limp Hair – Pro-V Nutrients
– Panthenol
J Beverly Hills Men's Thickening Shampoo Thinning Hair and Breakage – Alfafa
– Aloe Vera
– Vitamin B5
– Protein

Avalon's Organic Therapy Thickening Shampoo

I got this shampoos as it contains biotin B complex and only natural ingredients. So that as far as I’m concerned this shampoo works really well for thinning and fine hair.

My hair felt really cleansed right on the first wash itself. Also it didn’t feel frizzy at all.

I really liked the way the container of this shampoo is very large enough to continue for quite a long time.

So despite the fact that you’re shelling out a little more with this shampoo, it will last you for some time.

Another thing I liked about this shampoo is it promotes hair growth and provides all of hair strands special treatment so as to avoid breakage and hair loss.

The Vitamin E present in the shampoo gives hair more shine and gloss.

Now visiting the downside. The shampoo doesn’t lather. Like whatsoever. And it has a very weird jelly-like consistency which isn't surprising as it’s base is aloe vera.


  • Works well as a hair loss shampoo thanks to the vitamin E and Matricaria root extract in it
  • Thickens hair almost instantly thanks to the vitamin b-5 (biotin) complex formula
  • Moisturizes hair without leaving it greasy because of the aloe vera.


  • Will not lather along with it has no sulfates

My Rating:

  • Volumizing Power: 4.5/5
  • Hair Thickening Power: 4.5/5
  • Ingredients Quality: 5/5

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Volume Shampoo

If you're going for any thickening shampoo and have a dry scalp you have to consider one that nourishes your scalp as well.

But this isn't super easy as buildup within the scalp can cause follicles of hair to get clogged, etc.

So I acquired this shampoo because it promised to be nourishing yet light. And honestly? It really works!

The proteins present in this shampoo allows your scalp to generate more hair strands and gives it a fuller texture.

My hair felt amazing after by using this shampoo, smooth and soft yet bouncy and “oil-free” at the same time.

Your hair strands will also be strengthened with every usage of this product.

Also I give this shampoo extra points for being cruelty-free!


  • It contains panthenol that soothes irritated and flaky scalps
  • Moisturizes hair without leaving it greasy because of the aloe vera.
  • The wheat protein formula thickens hair from inside by 4-5 washes


  • Slightly expensive
  • Contains added fragrances that are not suitable for sensitive scalps

My Rating:

  • Volumizing Power: 4.5/5
  • Hair Thickening Power: 5/5
  • Ingredients Quality: 4.5/5

Head and Shoulders Shampoo 

Head and shoulders have been the reply to dandruff provided we remember. However it comes with other items that focus on other hair issues as well.

This volume boost from Head and Shoulders ensures it gives hair strands and boosts your volume. So I decided to try it out!

I like this this product contains zinc pyrithione that can help clean your scalp and take away the flakes that are baked into the scalp.

But I also felt that this thickening shampoo can be very strong so you may want to use it only once per week.

I often utilize it like a mix of clarifying and thickening shampoo instead of everyday. If you don't have too much problem with hair thinning this can be used shampoo.

But if you would like something less harsh and suitable for everyday use you might like to choose Bumble and Bumble or Avalon Organics shampoo instead.


  • It contains zinc pyrithione that control hair loss because of dandruff and scalp problems
  • It cleanses hair of extra grease and dirt making it appear thick and bouncy
  • Affordable drugstore price


  • Contains sulfates that may strip hair color and moisture from hair
  • Zinc pyrithione is too strong for everyday use

My Rating:

  • Volumizing Power: 4/5
  • Hair Thickening Power: 4/5
  • Ingredients Quality: 3.5/5

Garnier Fructis Shampoo

Garnier Fructis is an effective shampoo that gives hair more texture and volume besides the dreamy smell it has. 

This is very gentle so you don't have to steer clear by using this regularly. 

Pantene Pro V Sheer Shampoo 

Pantene has truly hit the nail on the head with this sheer volume shampoo by giving your hair all the nutrients your hair needs. 

Besides this, the shampoo cleanses the scalp on the surface paving way for your hair strands to develop without blockage. 

If you are looking for a product to stick to, then Pantene is the safest choice since it is easily available and besides it is safe for your hair. 

J Beverly Hills Men's Thickening Shampoo

Men need products that boost hair regrowth too because like women, men have issues with hair falls as well. 

This J Beverly Hills shampoo can major specifically on men and take care of all hair types. 

This product aids in moisturising and hydrating your hair and gives you a shiny and glossy texture. 

It also protects your hair from pollution.

You may use this shampoo to massage hair before washing them back completely. 

Thickening Shampoo: Before And After

I used the Avalon Organics Biotin Thickening Shampoo for about About six weeks. And this you can see the end result shown within the picture above.

I could see some alterations in my hair around the 3 week mark. My hair felt however, felt instantly volumized and “bouncy” around the first wash itself.

After a few more washes my strands that are naturally straight and thin looked “plumper” and the density of hair on my small scalp also seemed more.

So I will tell you people who this thickening shampoo works!

Does Thickening Shampoo Cause Hair thinning?

A lot of individuals have heard how thickening shampoos can be harmful for hair because they cause hair loss. But can there be any truth to this claim?

The simple response is both yes and no. It all depends around the ingredients.

Some thickening shampoos use polymer resins to include plumpness to hair. These components can glue themselves to hair strands and cause build up on scalp.

If the buildup is too much, it can clog hair follicles, preventing nutrients from reaching them. This can lead to hair thinning.

However, good quality hair thickening shampoos do not use resins but depend on ingredients like biotin and wheat/soy proteins to include plumpness to hair.

They do not cause buildup or contribute to hair thinning. So these kind of hair thickening shampoos can be used without fear.

Thickening shampoos have an immense effect on the hair and allows you to nourish the hair and doesn't permit hair fall. 

These shampoos are created to solve a grave issue which is hair thinning and it is proven to work. 

All you need to do is identify the issue and make the right choice using the above listing of shampoos that we have listed out for you personally. 

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