The Lob haircut is among those “one size fits all” haircuts delivered from heaven that looks great on almost everyone. The best lobs are somewhat choppy and reach just over the shoulder. They’re simple to style, look great straight or wavy, and go with any outfit or situation.

To really equip you for the transition, we’ll explain what lobs entail and how they change from other short hairstyles.

A lob is a combination of what “long” and “bob.” Long bob hairstyles really are a little lengthier, beginning several inches underneath the neck and going down as little as directly underneath the shoulders, whereas ordinary bobs generally stop approximately the ears and just beneath the chin. Lob hairstyles are particularly popular among ladies who desire to transition towards shorter hairstyles.

Long bobs are usually considerably easier to shape on diverse face types than short ones since inch variances don’t have as much of an influence. The largest distinction may be the type of the incision for the front of the face.

Let’s see below what suits you best according to the face shape.

An oval facial structure is the most prevalent. When choosing a long bob, consider hair type as well as your personal choices. Almost all long bobs is going to be flattering in your face. The cheeks are the most prominent feature of the face, and they should be gently rounded.

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