After the success of their recent sophomore LP release, Honestly Glad It Happened, Blue Light Bandits are bringing the album alive with their latest music video for “After Rain.” The recording captures a quintessential night at the band house in the last year . 5 throughout the recording process for that album, featuring band members Dan DeCristofaro, Ethan Bates, Simon Adamsson and Jay Faires meeting up for any basement jam session. Full of friends, laughter and warmth, the “After Rain” music video showcases the heartfelt dedication that defines the Blue Light Bandits music approach.

This song is only a love song to music. I've always felt like I've had an intimate relationship with music as a songwriter. You put in some time and love also it comes right back. It's one of our older songs – I wrote the initial idea within my senior year of college in 2012. I created an instrumental loop of the chorus and stored it in my old boss loop pedal. A few years later we were going through some gear and I literally loop out loud towards the guys and they were really like “what was that?!”- It inspired me to visit home and finish penning this song. – Dan, Blue Light Bandits

After Rain” may be the fifth track from Honestly Glad It Happened, an album that showcases Blue Light Bandits' eclectic infusion of genres and styles. The project – released last month – introduces the next evolution of the songs, sound and direction.

The Blue Light Bandits are an award winning, 4-piece independent groove rock-band from Worcester, MA. The BLB sound is inspired by a soulful mix of jazz, neo-soul, pop, and funk music. Since the discharge of their B.L.B Demo in 2022 and also the self titled debut LP in 2022, they have amassed over 2.8 million streams on Spotify. Live BLB shows have grown to be a staple of the Boston, Worcester and Colonial music scenes with residencies at Lucky's Lounge in Boston and Michael's Cigar Bar in Worcester in addition to frequent appearances at the best breweries, wineries, and festivals in the region.

Dan DeCristofaro (keys and vocals) and Ethan Bates (bass and vocals) would be the founding members, singers, and songwriters behind BLB. Dan is a soulful writer, producer, and arranger that has also begun releasing singles as a solo artist with “Give Me Your Love” in May of 2022 and “Unbreakable” in November 2022. Ethan is also an experienced cellist and performs and writes solo compositions as “Ethan Bates Orchestra” where he builds live loops and layers organically for each performance. The present iteration of the BLB lineup features veteran touring and session drummer, Simon Adamsson, and multi-faceted guitarist, Jay Faires, who also rounds out the signature 3-part BLB harmonies.

Watch the official music video for “After Rain” around the band's official YouTube channel here. Experience the sophomore album – Honestly Glad It Happened – on all music streaming platforms today.

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