There's blonde, there's brunette, and then there is a middle ground which cleverly combines them both -Caramel hair color. With Spring around the corner, we think it’s time to forget about the deep dark shades of fall and embrace something lighter and fresher. What is much better than a hair color that is laced with warm shades of honey, hazel, and gold? This hair color can be quite enticing and excellent for anyone who really wants to welcome spring in an instant! The delicious caramel hue suits nearly every skin type. Before your next hair appointment, be sure to undergo this lovely caramel-inspired hair collection that will set the atmosphere for your springtime hair.

If you want to cut your hair short yet have something which makes it stick out, here's your cue to paint hair caramel. This buttery shade with gold undertones is eye candy with these gorgeous waves.

Christmas May Be Behind Us, however the Gingerbread Hair Color Trend is way from Over

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