Fernanda Medina, founder and inventive director of independent jewelry brand, Syd + Pia NYC started jewelry in college. Initially, she was studying fashion illustration at FIT and then Parsons School of Design.

While at Parsons, she took an excursion from the jewelry department, where she became enamored through the procedure for creating 3D pieces instead of a flat sketch. She got genuine gratification in the probabilities of using her hands and high work tools to build pieces that were not just jewelry but additionally house objects; therefore, she immediately switched departments.

She became popular to start a household that is where the name Syd + Pia came from. The name is a combination of her first born, Sydney and Pia is her youngest daughter, Saffia. Saffia was hard for Sydney to pronounce as a child so she started calling her Pia.

AMer college, Fernanda landed a company position in jewelry design, designing flat in writing. She discovered her confidence and cost when she realized that her sketches were never edited by higher-ups and were selling really well in the companies' market.

Through everything, Fernanda always found to construct with her hands, creating personal handcrafted jewelry pieces on her behalf workdays off. Many of her friends wished to buy the pieces she wore on a day. Fernanda realized, between the success in her corporate position and also the feedback she received for her own pieces-that it was her calling to launch Syd + Pia. It started as something that Fernanda love as a business prac/ce that they equally adores being a a part of.

“I'm designing jewelry that provides bold statements effortlessly” Fernanda stated. The critical part of Syd + Pia is maintaining the craftsmanship in a high level yet keeping an affordable high end price point. In general, the pieces are metal driven and have a sleek finish. The company uses affordable materials that feel luxurious and special like brass plated in 1 micron of gold, silver and bronze accented with gold filled chains or silver chains and her favorite component to work with, genuine pearls in most sizes and shapes.

With the designs, Fernanda is definitely thinking of ways to redefine classic silhouettes by incorpora/ng different elements. For example, the hoop earring is con/nuously getting a new interpretation in Syd + Pia. Fernanda is really a traditionalist in her own craM and jewelry silhouettes in some sense in her own designs, yet she dares to modernize and redefine it. Fernanda thinks that is what constitutes a Syd + Pia piece so unique. To con/nually redefine classic silhouettes but venturing to make sure they are bold. She thinks that is what makes the pieces universal for many types of consumers.

In the procedure, Fernanda always starts with, “would I put it on?” It then expands to folks that are following a brand. she feels the people following a brand are in a means like her. “We're people passionate about being bold, and that we invest in ourselves. We do this by investing in luxury and unique items without spending thousands. We care about upping the ante in our wardrobe. We worry about responsible fashion by shopping and supporting local independent brands.”

In a means, it is a Ny story. To dare to become enthusiastic about our hustles and dreams in a luxurious, confident, and classy way.

Syd + Pia has been featured at Henri Bendel in Ny, W Stylelab at the W Hotel Time Square, December Thieves in Boston and Flock GiM, a specialty boutique in Austin, TX. The brand has had the pleasure of being featured in lots of publications and tv, including but not limited to High Maintenance, series on HBO, Vogue IT, Harper's Bazaar USA, Elle Vietnam, Elle Canada, Elle USA, Nylon, LadyGunn, Instyle USA, L'Officiel, Raine Magazine, El Diario NY newspaper, WOR Radio 710 AM, Joan Hamburg's Bridal Show, the Dominican newspaper El Caribe and much more on the internet and paper publications.

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