There's a lot of advice going swimming the internet when it comes to business advice and words of wisdom, however nowadays we reached to nine amazing female entrepreneurs to discover their single, holy grail best bit of business advice that they've ever received. Period. These women are all inspiring in their own right, and we absolutely love these unique tips and perspectives!

Dana Ward, Co-founder of Barefoot Scientist

Time is precious don't waste it. Whether it is canceling something, finding a new vendor or recognizing that you hired the incorrect person on the team, don't wait to act. My pal and fellow beauty brand founder, Leila Kashani, explained not to delay on executing a decision I'd already thoughtfully considered, and her advice to trust my instincts pushed me to move on the significant transition which turned out to be a pivotal time in my opportunity journey. As numerous entrepreneurs can understand, you will find regular moments of decision fatigue, also it can feel simpler to just pause before making any changes. That said, it can be super easy to let those moments last longer than they should. So be decisive and act your business (and psyche) will appreciate it.

Courtney Claghorn, Founding father of Sugared & Bronzed

In a job interview with Elon Musk and Chris Anderson (CEO of TED), Elon offered a piece of suggest that really resonated beside me. He emphasized the significance of utilizing “first principles thinking” rather than reasoning by analogy (which is commonly more instinctual, and thus, popular). For all those not really acquainted with Aristotle’s philosophy of “first principles thinking,” it's described as the concept of questioning everything you “know” so you are continually challenge things as they are instead of iterating onto it. It is instituted if you take confirmed scenario and scaling it back to its rudimentary truths before attempting to problem solve. It's amazing how logical and simple this might seem, but that almost all people never use this way of thinking and, instead, dive to building solutions off of prior assumptions. We're taught to never “reinvent the wheel,” but that ideology doesn’t always apply. As an entrepreneur, you should constantly remind yourself that it’s okay (and also quite advantageous) to reinvent the wheel when the “reinvention” is much more efficient.

Meg Young, Founding father of Cailini Coastal

I was incredibly lucky to possess a business that became popular from day one; however, I was not ready for it to develop as quickly as it did. I launched the company by myself from my garage, with two toddlers at home, in the first month from the pandemic. I was overwhelmed. My hubby, Brian, who started their own business over a decade ago, became my sounding board. Early on he told me to hire the experts within the key areas you don’t know and hire them NOW. It seemed premature, and I wasn’t quite ready to make that much cla of investment (experts come with a high price tag), but I took his advice. I committed to consultants for internet marketing, sales forecasting/planning, and advertising within just two months of launch. Each individual I hired allowed the business to develop tremendously a lot more than it might have without one, and it also freed up time to focus on things i know and do best. I’ve continued to employ key consultants in other areas as our small business grow. It’s a good investment which has turned out to be consistently pay off!

Gracie Gordon, Founding father of Hungry Blonde and Shop Hungry Blonde

“Relax, no one else knows what they’re doing either” is a suggestion I first been told by comedian Ricky Gervais. Initially, I thought it was humorous, however I discovered it tied to me for a long time after i came across difficulties, fear, or roadblocks within my career. Whenever Personally i think unqualified, I remind myself that typically we’re all just figuring things out as we go. Even if I'd more education or more experience, the nature of being an entrepreneur usually involves taking risks and doing something that has never been done. So, if there’s no official playbook, and we’re all figuring it out on the way, why NOT me?

Jen Betts, President of Innovative PR and Innovative Beauty Co.

The best advice I have ever received within my type of the profession (PR) originated from a mentor, Jose Martinez, the VP of Communication for Casa Azul. I was told “make it work” which expression could apply to almost everything within my career. Have great results for the client, the employee, the end result, etc. is what I have always told myself, and along with “you are no different from that PR intern who started Two decades ago.” Make everything count.

Stephanie Montes, Founder of NUE breast tape

Know the marketplace, but don’t get too stuck on the competition. When I first heard Kim Kardashian was launching a similar product, I considered quitting as i was ahead. I felt like David against Goliath and there was no way I would win that one. Luckily, I have a ton of brilliant female founder friends who reached out with pep talks. All of them said the same thing. Nue has its own value, its very own goals, and it is own aesthetic. We have a similar product but we come from completely different beginnings and views.

One thing that tied to me was, “one individual doesn't own the market.” After the day, you've Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Nike and Adidas, Ford and Chevy. It’s impossible to possess a single market, and healthy competition is great for any company. The hardest part was to look out, stay up to date on shifts on the market, although not get discouraged by the growth of competitors. There’s enough of the pie for people – but establishing what’s different about Nue is most significant.

We’re accessible luxury with humble beginnings. We speak to women much like us. We celebrate all forms of diversity and inclusivity. And we give back – a percentage of arises from every sale is donated towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Brittney Ogike, Founder and CEO of BEAUTYBEEZ

Accomplish a minumum of one thing every day that gets you nearer to your goal; regardless of how small it may be. I'm constantly setting goals for myself, and so i continue to live by these words throughout my entrepreneurship journey. I don't let a day go by without completing a task. It keeps me productive and reduces my procrastination urges. I don't think I'd be this far along without it advice.

Samara Walker, Founder and CEO of `Auda.B

“Focus in your superpowers. As entrepreneurs, we undergo ebbs and flows over the course of building a start-up. Your superpowers will align with wins. Wins are crucial components to delivering success in your business to maintain a positive mindset for growth.” Dawn Myers

This advice resonates beside me because, like a founder, I oftentimes find myself fixated around the losses or failures I may have observed and discount my wins because they don’t feel grand enough. I’ve recently learned how you can celebrate my wins having a balance that actually works for me.

Jamila Powell, Founding father of Naturally Drenched and Owner of Maggie Rose Salon

The only person who can make you happy is yourself. My mom told me this in a young age and it has stuck with me since. Personal happiness is becoming my main concern and i believe it's something that you need to learn, appreciate, and accept overtime. I've learned that as i can function hard, it's so vital that you possess the best of both worlds. It's not hard to lose that sense of priority when confronted with children, careers, relationships, etc., but when you aren't serving yourself, it's difficult to serve others. This advice has played a huge role in both my professional and personal lives and I will continue to live by it!

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