One man's trash is another man's treasure, plus some of the most commonly discarded home items aren't any exception. Surprisingly, everyday items which range from old mascara wands to used bras and eyeglasses could be donated to help individuals (and animals) in need.

Curious what kind of things you're tossing you could be donating to some greater cause? From books to unused airline miles and much more, listed here are seven items you probably didn't realize you could donate to charity.

  1. Dried-Out Mascara Wands

If you thought your dried-out mascara wands were restricted to the trash can, then reconsider. Works out that the old mascara wands could be repurposed to get rid of harmful debris (like fly eggs and larva) from the fur of untamed animals, including ducks, rabbits, and opossums. The Wands for Wildlife program premiered through the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, a nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation center in western North Carolina, and asks supporters to send in their used mascara wands to help save the lives of untamed animals.

The initiative is currently on pause due to the coronavirus pandemic, but i am not saying you cannot wash your old wands in warm soapy water (to get rid of any leftover mascara) and tuck them so you can drop them within the mail later on.

  1. Used Bras

Why toss your old bras when you can donate these to someone in need of assistance? Free girls is a nonprofit organization that donates used bras of all styles, including sports bras, nursing bras, and camisoles, to sex trafficking survivors so they can earn a safe income selling them in the second-hand marketplace. Simply complete this form and drop your bras within the mail (or at certainly one of their fall off locations), to complete your part to help empower girls and women rescued from sex trafficking.

  1. Unused Airline Miles

Instead of applying all the airmiles you've racked up towards a cheaper flight, consider donating them to a children's charity. Nationally, the Make-A-Wish Foundation needs a lot more than 2.8 billion miles, or 50,000 round-trip tickets, to pay for every travel wish every year, and so they launched the Wishes in Flight(R) Program to ask supporters to give their unused airline miles to help. Once donated, your miles won't ever expire and therefore are used for wish kids and their families to travel to destinations all over the world.

If you regularly fly American Airlines, you may also donate your unused miles towards the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). American Airlines AAdvantage members are able to donate their AAdvantage miles to support American's Miles for Social Good program which supports a slew of UNICEF's children's charities, as well as organizations that actually work to support veterans, military members and their families.

  1. Old Books

Why waste valuable square footage storing your old books from college when you are able donate them to someone who really needs them? The Prison Book Program (PBP) accepts book donations by mail and then sends these to inmates for reading material. If you do not wish to let go of a treasured book, donrrrt worry. You can also purchase a book requested by a part of prison via their program's Amazon Wishlist and also have it automatically shipped towards the PBP headquarters.

If you'd would rather donate your old books to someone pen-pal style, Operation Paperback sends books to troops overseas. Once you have registered to become volunteer shipper on their website, simply input the book genres you've available and their system will generate a customized listing of addresses you can send these to.

  1. Expired eyeglasses

Before you toss out a classic set of prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, consider sending these to someone without medical health insurance or use of adequate health care. VSP's Eyes of Hope program collects and distributes new and used eyewear to help individuals in need of assistance around the world. A high level VSP member, you can just drop your old pair of glasses in the donation box the next time you're at the eye doctor. Or, you can collect multiple pairs and ship them right to their headquarters in a single big batch using the handy prepaid shipping label they provide online.

  1. Stuffed Animals

If you've kids (or nieces and nephews), then you already know how quickly they accumulate stuffed animals. Instead of watching them collect dust inside a big toy bin, consider donating several to some child in need of assistance. SAFE (Stuffed Animals for Emergencies) collects gently used stuffed toys and distributes these to organizations, including police and fire departments, who can use the donations to soothe children in traumatic or emotional situations. Used stuffed toys are accepted through SAFE chapter members, or you can clean them yourself and mail them straight to certainly one of their Urgent Needs locations.

  1. Cell Phones

If you're sitting on an old mobile phone or two at home, you're ready to put it to get affordable use. Cell Phones For Soldiers (CPFS) recycles donated mobile phones regardless of the sort (and from any carrier), and uses the proceeds to supply cost-free communication services and emergency funding to active-duty military members and veterans. You can either drop your old phone off at one of CPFS's donation centers, or mail it in using the preaddressed self-paid label on their website. If you have ten or more phones to donate, CPFS covers your shipping – so be sure to ask your family and friends should they have any cell phones that they're prepared to donate.

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