Depending on whom you ask, wallpaper never went out of fashion. But even though you weren't a fan before, you're about to be. There are other stylish wallpaper options now than ever before – nothing beats the dated '70s or '80s à la fluffy bunnies inside a pasture or mustard brown shades. “Wallpaper continues to be making a resurgence for that better part of the last decade, however i think it's risen to the top of people's to-do lists within the last year, as we have spent an amazing amount of time in our homes. Wallpaper has a huge effect on the way in which space feels and looks, so individuals are excited to welcome it into their homes a year ago,” says Elizabeth Rees, the co-founder of Chasing Paper.

While traditional paint is often less than wallpaper – especially if you're covering large regions of walls – wallpaper certainly has its own perks: You have the capability to not just incorporate fun colors but also easily create texture (e.g. relief or grasscloth wallpaper) and stylish patterns that are tougher to achieve with paint. Wallpaper can last up to 15 years with proper care and maintenance (instead of the paint that usually gets a few dings and scratches after just a few years). And today, the burgeoning trend of temporary wallpaper causes it to be no more a problem to get rid of the wallpaper if you wish to change up the pattern or style, or if you're renting a house and also you can't permanently alter the walls. Because the biggest caveat to wallpaper is you have to line them up very precisely, peel-and-stick wallpaper makes it much simpler to re-align if required.

“Wallpaper brings energy and breathes new life right into a room, unlike any other product. It may also help showcase any unique architectural elements a home might have like papering a built-in or kitchen nook,” says Jennifer Matthews, co-founder of Tempaper. The colours, patterns, and textures of wallpaper may also uplift your mood and provide rooms a feeling of positivity and joy that could have lacked before, she adds.

The ways that we're beginning to incorporate wallpaper into our rooms are modernizing, as well. “For quite a long time, accent walls will be in, but we are seeing increasing numbers of people stepping from just doing one wall in paint or wallpaper and going for a more full room moment with color. I love how this really creates an immersive space,” says Ress.

“We're also visiting a trend of people creating a statement through wallpapering just the ceiling or going big by wallpapering entire rooms and the ceilings. We view this a lot in powder rooms and nurseries/kids spaces.”

Ready to upgrade your walls? Our pros weigh in on top wallpaper trends of 2022:

Grand Millennial

This term was inspired by millennials who love a more traditional interior decor style (think: ruffle drapes, fine china, and embroidered linens), but they give it a contemporary twist. Contemplate it “granny chic.” “It gives our consumers a fresh take on a vintage pattern with modern layouts and colorways. The look still feels familiar and classic, yet works best for today. I gravitate for this trend because it layers textures and styles in a single room and makes space feel lived in without being too trendy. It's colorful, fun, and sparks a psychological response. The whole room turns into a statement,” says Matthews.

Shop the trend:

  • Tempaper Tropical in Pink Lemonade, starting at $39.99
  • Lulu & Georgia Scalamandre Saro Wallpaper in White, starting at $133
  • Spoonflower Swedish Folk Art Birds Wallpaper, starting at $24
  • Monique Lhuillier Tuileries Removable Wallpaper, starting at $10

Natural escapism

Wallpaper is a great way to make your home seem like a mini avoid reality – and with everything going on yesteryear year with the pandemic, it's a welcome change. “Immersive, nature-inspired prints and large-scale wall murals are on trend for 2022. They create exotic escapism that is so needed right now. It may be fantastical for a bold look or even a delicate abstract. An ideal style for ceiling applications, living and dining rooms, entryways, and bathrooms,” says Matthews.

Shop the trend:

  • Tempaper Clouds Mural in Sunset Pink, starting at $12
  • Wallmur Mountain Landscape with Snow, starting at $30
  • West Elm WallShoppe Tropical Wallpaper, starting at $60
  • Spoonflower Coral Reef, starting at $24

Shades of green

Playing off the natural escapism trend, green wallpaper is specifically having its moment. It has an association with nature and automatically includes a refreshing, stress-free vibe whenever you incorporate the colour into your decor. “We are seeing shades of green continue to be very popular as we think many people are inviting the outdoors inside,” says Rees. The popularity extends past lush leaves and forest greens – feel free to use whatever green patterns you would like.

Shop the trend:

  • Chasing Paper Spring Leaves, starting at $40
  • Scott Living Westport Geometric Wallpaper, $104.99
  • Pottery Barn Kids Wallpaperie Farmhouse Floral, starting at $156
  • Serena & Lily Priano Wallpaper in Green, starting at $128

Expressive art

Looking for something that's show-stopping along with a little edgy? Consider using a modern style “that highlights creativity – blending art and style – for any change. I believe consumers are searching for a creative narrative. Painted icons and bright colors lead the way for any dramatic backdrop,” says Matthews.

Shop the trend:

  • Tempaper Painted Lips, starting at $39.99
  • Hovia Freeflow Red Clay, starting at $70.40
  • Wallmur Colorful Abstract Faces Wallpaper, starting at $30
  • Spoonflower Abstract Shapes Fun Collage, starting at $10.75


“Small scale icon patterns like miniature florals and geos are minimal in design but quite powerful inside a room setting. Small-scale patterns establish a good canvas for layering accents and statement pieces. It's good for bathrooms, kitchens and smaller projects such as the back of bookcases and cabinets. Think: matte black fixtures or aged brass faucets against a pleasant, simple repeat. It’s understated and beautiful,” says Matthews.

Shop the trend:

  • Tempaper Ditsy Floral in Dandelion, starting at $39.99
  • Chasing Paper Blossoms, starting at $40
  • Anthropologie Poppy Wallpaper, starting at $58
  • Hovia Bohemia White & Gray Boho Triangle Wallpaper, starting at $146

Tips for making wallpaper work for you:

  • Try a sample: Many sites will offer a sample piece so you can view it IRL to ensure it really works in your space. “We really encourage our customers to try things out – to touch and also to feel things before committing. We discover this part of the tactic to be really important when deciding between prints or colorways. Using a sample can also be a best part to have in hand when pulling together other elements from the room like furniture along with other textiles,” says Rees. Look in the sample at different times of day to ascertain if you love the way it looks with the changing light.
  • Consider how big the room: This should help you determine the scale from the print. If you have a sizable room, you don't want to perform a small micro pattern or could it be overwhelming for space. If you have a little room, like a powder room, you may make a stronger and more eye-catching statement print/pattern.
  • Take your time and effort with installation: Especially if you're working with a print or pattern, wallpaper requires attention to detail to ensure each strip aligns properly. “It's important to edge and become delicate together with your wallpaper. Find your groove and remain by using it,” says Matthews.

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