Although every wedding is exclusive, those wanting a calming vibe will often opt for a summer wedding. However, the laidback nature of a wedding shouldn't provide the impression there isn't any etiquette to follow.

While different to a regular wedding, the etiquette surrounding a summer wedding is equally as important when adding to an unforgettable day. Fortunately, the following steps help make sure the wedding is really a success while allowing you to have a fantastic time in the procedure.

1. Don't Overdo the Black

For many years many have associated the color black with mourning. However, in recent times the neglected tone continues to be given an overhaul regarding weddings, and it's not unusual to determine black make an appearance, albeit in an unconventional manner.

Those who're considering black should ensure there is some element of colour. Black alone can perform little to portray a personality at weddings, but injecting some colour lets you support the day’s upbeat vibe without having to forgo your style.

2. Be Safe and steer clear of White

Weddings come in many forms, and convention is not an obstacle when people in love are celebrating their big day. However, one traditional form of etiquette that carried over to summer weddings may be the avoidance of white.

Those wearing white should think about some guidance, for example choosing an outfit which contains a design or use white like a base colour when putting a dress-up costume together.

3. Search For Summer Appropriate Fabrics

The cut and style of summer wedding guest dresses are crucial, but those wanting to maximise their comfort when attending a summer wedding should think about light fabrics.

If you're unsure what fabrics are suitable, avoid heavy fabrics like velvet and choose silk or cotton instead. This helps to ensure that you always stay comfortable while still being stylish. 

4. Don't Show An excessive amount of Skin

Given guests is going to be attending weddings throughout the warmer months, it seems sensible they will be wearing comfortable outfits. However, it is crucial to not show too much skin may potentially lead to surprise wardrobe malfunction. Furthermore, it might attract disapproval in the guests, taking away attention from the couple.

5. Don't Feel Pressured to Wear Heels

Attending a marriage means a person wants to look their best, however this doesn't mean wearing shoes that will cause discomfort throughout the day. Fortunately, there are possibilities that are practical, stylish, and affordable.

Just because flats are comfortable doesn't make sure they are any less stylish and can be the ideal fit for any summer wedding. However, if you have a passion for heels, take some comfortable footwear that you can change into for that evening celebrations.

Other Wedding Etiquette to Consider

There is no template for wedding etiquette, but it's about ensuring that the focus of the day is on the couple and also the attendance of friends and family is a joyous occasion. Of course, many people might have attended many weddings whereas others may have only attended one or two. 

In either instance, being conscious of wedding etiquette overall can be sure that the couple has the day they envisioned among the people they love and adore. The following is an overview of some additional steps you can follow when attending a summer wedding.  

  • Make sure you RVSP as quickly as possible. 
  • Don't inquire if you can bring others with you. 
  • Always buy a gift. 
  • Don't take photos at inappropriate times. 
  • Don't take attention from the couple. 

Following wedding etiquette doesn't mean guests can't have fun. Those aware of what's required of these throughout a wedding will discover your day is more relaxing, plus they can loosen off knowing they've played a part in developing a memorable day most look back on in years to come.

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