Today you want to share the top 5 women's handbag trends of 2022. Women's bags are the best accessories for each occasion. The right choice of handbag can provide you with an elegant and stellar look.

Every year, new trends enter the market, as the old ones die down. In 2022, mini handbags and box totes are trending around saddle handbags and cushion clutches. If you want to purchase the trendiest handbags of this season, listed here are your options.

Trend#1: mini shoulder bag

Mini shoulder-length bags are once again popular. Ditch the micro bags and grab a stylish mini bag to create that first alluring impression. The baguette version of mini bags is not only trendy but additionally an excellent accessory that goes well with all types of outfits. This may be your ideal bag, on-the-go, that fits in all essentials such as lipstick, wallet, as well as your car keys. A bit more spacious compared to micro bags causes it to be a utility item too, besides fashionable.
Bringing together beautifully designed, high-quality handbags, Valentino Garavani features a vast array of colorful mini and shoulder bags for the summer. The 2022 assortment of Valentino Garavani bags for women can be browsed around the official website.

Trend#2: chain handled bags

Handbags having chain handles will be in fashion for a long time now, and they are certain to remain in 2022. While Bottega Veneta championed the popularity, the style business quickly discovered what people are looking for and thus you are able to witness several variations of the chunky chain handbag design. Even with its lustrous tone-on-tone look, this chunky, shiny chain can turn any basic outfit into luxurious attire.

Trend#3: Vintage handbags

Remember the good old vintage bags with monograms? Brands like Gucci, Dior, Fendi, and Prada you wore with low-waist jeans made putting on a costume a lot fun and simple. In 2022, enhance your old vintage designer handbags as they are in fashion. Vintage handbags include that retro look to your attire, causing you to look chic. These bags are equally versatile. Even though you might not find a vintage bag in-store, the tight stores, an internet-based vintage stores may have a few pieces. These bags are more valued with time, considered a good investment of a lifetime.

Trend#4: Circular bags

While 2022 witnesses the box purses trending, 2022 embraces the rounder counterpart. Circular handbags, both small and big, are surely statement bags. It is just obvious to consider this style to be a fanciful accessory for the collection, being unsure of just how long the trend would stay. However, this bag not just adds elegance for your attire but also allows you to stick out.

Trend#5: Envelope purse

The envelope purse isn't the regular designer purse. But it is a trendsetter due to its chic design and looks. If you wish to experiment with your look, an envelope purse could be the trendiest accessory for your handbag collection, which you'll wear for work and play.

Just like the latest fashions, handbag trends also keep changing every year. To stay ahead within this league, gift yourself among the nicest handbags popular and add that oomph to your style.

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